Jennifer Lopez Shared a Cute Secret Message About Ben Affleck

It's becoming a signature look.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kiss on a red carpet
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez is having a busy August so far, but not too busy to send a sweet secret message about her husband, Ben Affleck

In an Instagram carousel captioned, "This is August (so far)," Lopez shared photos from various pool locations, wearing some incredibly chic outfits. And while Ben isn't directly featured in any photos, J.Lo is making sure to signal that things are going as strong as ever: The final photo in the lineup is a simple close-up of her neck, donning a necklace that spells "BEN." 

It's not the first time Jennifer has sported the chain necklace with gold letters. Per People, she was first spotted wearing the necklace on a 2021 trip to celebrate her birthday with Ben, shortly after rekindling their relationship after nearly 20 years apart. The post comes a day before the duo's one-year marriage anniversary, and signals that while Jenny from the Block may have her own solo adventures, things between her and Ben are as romantic as ever. 

Elsewhere in the photo collection, J.Lo is seen donning her own branded clothing items—including an extremely cool straw hat with "J.LO" on it, making her the only person who can earnestly rock a fedora in the year of our Lord J.Lo 2023—and posing for photos with longtime friend and vocal coach Stevie Mackey. There are also some incredibly chic going out photos, and plenty of swimming pool shots where she's looking glamourous as ever.

J.Lo's having quite the fun summer: Just last week, she was spotted at a nightclub in Capri doing karaoke. Side note: Seeing J.Lo when you're out at karaoke sounds like a cool idea in theory, but imagine having to go on after her? Nightmare! She's a noted triple-threat! 

In any case: Happy anniversary to America's royal family, Jen and Ben!