Melania Trump Hates Her Life

"She is very, very unhappy."

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This news will probably come as a shock to everyone—according to a new report, Melania Trump hates her life (opens in new tab). Seriously.


While the first lady's spokesperson told Us (opens in new tab) that Melania "is focused on being a mom and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects," according to a source, this isn't the whole truth. Allegedly, the president's wife hates that "all eyes are on her relationship with her husband. It’s not an easy time for her."

Following the slew of recent allegations that Trump had affairs with a number of women (opens in new tab), and Stormy Daniels' detailed interview on 60 Minutes (opens in new tab), Melania has felt the pressure on her intensify, and apparently, she wants out of the marriage.

A "family insider" reveals to Us Weekly (opens in new tab) that "She is very, very unhappy with her life. If she could, she would get away from Donald and just be with her son."

And according to Us Weekly (opens in new tab), the rift between Melania and her husband has only been growing. Despite a White House schedule detailing that the president and first lady would be departing for Mar-a-Lago together for their recent trip, when the time came to leave, Melania arranged her own transport.

Us Weekly reports (opens in new tab) that "Melania chose to take her own motorcade to the base instead, meeting POTUS on the plane and avoiding any photos together." While a source says that this is because "she’s very independent," it certainly sounds as though the many allegations of Donald Trump's affairs (opens in new tab) have taken their toll.


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