The First Presidential Debate of 2020 Left People Overwhelmed

"This debate is what you see when you actually inject bleach into your veins."

Presidential Debate Trump and Biden
(Image credit: JIM WATSON)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first presidential debate of 2020! So far, we have: That iconic "Will you shut up, man?" line, a tussle over which presidential nominee was more "smart," at least one creepy sex joke, and so much interrupting that I have the beginnings of a migraine! Very few issues that we actually need to talk about, like the ongoing pandemic, structural racism, or Roe v. Wade have been addressed in a productive or even vaguely lucid way!

Chris Wallace did try to calm things down so that we could have some semblance of a real debate, but totally failed. Here's how people reacted—and spoiler alert: they need a drink just as much as you do.

We Need a Mute Button, People

WYD, Chris Wallace?!

What About Herman Cain?!

No Condemnation of White Supremacists

This Is Exhausting

Sorry, Women Are Emotional?!

Here's an Idea!