Wendy Davis Announces She's Running For Texas Governor

Wendy Davis announces that she's running for Texas governor.

Ending months of speculation, Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis announced on Thursday that she will be running for governor of Texas.

"Today, I'm proud to announce my candidacy to be the 48th governor of the this great state of Texas!" Davis tweeted. "Texans deserve better than failed leaders who dole out favors to friends and cronies. Texas has waited too long for a governor who knows that quid pro quo shouldn't be the status quo. It's time for a governor who believes that you don't have to buy a place in Texas' future. It's time for a governor who believes that the future of Texas belongs to all of us. If you want a gov who will speak for everyone, then every Texan needs to be part of getting that gov elected. I need you. The best of Texas is yet to come."

Davis surged into the spotlight earlier this year when she staged a nearly 11-hour filibuster against sweeping abortion restrictions in the Texas State Senate. Though the bill, which would have banned most abortions after 20 weeks and imposed strict new requirements on clinics, eventually passed, Davis and her pink Mizuno sneakers became a political and Internet sensation. Campaign donations rolled in as a newfound face in Texas emerged on the national political stage.

The Texas senator had her first child at 18, divorced her spouse a year later and lived in a trailer park. She went onto enroll in a junior college, transferring to Texas Christian University, and graduating from Harvard Law in 1993. She has spoken from first hand experience on the challenges young pregnant women face, and how vital access to institutions like Planned Parenthood are for ensuring women's rights and health.

Gov. Ann Richard was the last Democrat to win the state's top office in 1990. Republicans have won every statewide seat since 1994.