Are Disney World and Chic-Fil-A Better Than Sex?

I don't know how many guys you've heard say this but: I've never enjoyed sex. I don't know how many times, exactly,

that I've had sex. I have been

with 9 partners, three of which I'd consider "girlfriends". Five partners were "one night stands",

and one was a good friend that I had previously dated when we were too young to

have sex.

Over the next couple of days, let's try to figure out why I

have never enjoyed sex. I realize

it's not a normal thing for a male to say, but it's the truth. Here are the reasons I've come up with

on my own and with friends over why I've never enjoyed sex:

1. It always

turns out to be a disappointment

So, I thought that great sex was supposed to take me to

another world to the point where I was not aware of anyone else's existence

other than my own and the girl I was with. This has never happened. If I go into it every time expecting it to be a

life-changing experience, am I setting myself up for failure? Not everything is perfect every

time—well, Chic-Fil-A and Wikipedia are... and Disney World always lives up to

the hype when you go, no matter how much you build it up in advance. Is sex is 99% anticipation? The act of getting to sex, meeting the

girl, imagining the sex with the girl, and dating is fun, arousing, etc. But, once I'm there and I've

accomplished my mission, I'm thinking "this is it, I put my self esteem on the

line, got stepped on by girl after girl, and made the effort for this?" I've had the album Lovelessby My Bloody Valentine take me to other places

and give me head-spinning effects, sounding like the world is both beginning

and ending in one moment. That is the feeling I expect from sex more than I

expect it from a song.

2. My

short....what was I going to yeah: my short attention span

During sex my mind wanders from to random thing to random


"Oh I know where I put my keys that day I lost them in 1996"

"Who shot JR?"

"I wonder if the blue crab population in the Chesapeake Bay

will recover"

"Wing, gear, joint, radio, maple tree, I don't know"

"Did I leave the iron on?"

The worst thought I get is related to reason number

one: "I wonder what my buddies are

up to." After a while, I feel like

I'm missing something fun or exciting—even though I'm doing what my buddies are

all out there trying to do. Reason

number one feeds into my attention span problem: I get to the sex, it doesn't turn out to be earth

shattering, and then my mind wanders.

3. Do I really

even like this girl?

When I was young and innocent, I told myself I'd only have

sex with girls I was in love with. That's a difficult proposition when trying to balance hormone and

heart. If I had adhered to this

rule, I would still be a virgin. That's right. I've never

been in love. The terrible thing

is, once I've made it to sex, suddenly the girl doesn't seem so challenging anymore. The thrill is gone. If sex happens too fast, I lose respect

for the girl and—ultimately—myself. I started dating my girlfriend in college just to say I had a girlfriend

in college. She was mean, and I

wasn't really that attracted to her. She lived in a sorority house, and when we had sex I would imagine the

girl in the adjacent room (who was super hot) getting aroused at hearing us

and having to masturbate because of what she heard us doing, which really ended up

exciting me more than the actual sex. The majority of the time, even if I just

make out the night before, I wake up chiding myself—wondering why I did what I

did and showering myself with guilt.

Sadly, there are more reasons than just these three. I'm going to leave you with this for

now. Kissing and being close are amazing, but I can't get that feeling from sex—it's

kind of sad. And, as I said, more to come on this subject in a couple of days...

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated, girls...

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