The Best Valentine's Day Quotes That Aren't Super Cheesy

There are always ways to tell your partner how much you love them without layering on all the corniness. Like these quotes that won't make you want to cringe.

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Ah, Valentine's Day—a formal, sometimes awkward celebration of love! It can be fun, but it can also feel like there's a ton of pressure to do it "right." Thankfully, there are a ton of personal ways to show your partner you care that go beyond chocolate and flowers. Even better: There are always ways to tell your partner how much you love them without layering on all the corniness, like these Valentine's Day quotes that won't make you cringe.

Below are a few things that could inspire a message on a card, an Instagram post, a Facebook status, a text, an e-card, a face-to-face message—you name it. Hell, you can even just Instagram DM them one of the below. They'll get it.

The poem.

The song lyric.

The over-the-top one.

The intense one.

The empowering one.

The straightforward one.

The committed one.

The honest one.

The request.

The brave one.

The simple one.

The unspirational one.

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