Three Tactics I've Used To Get Lucky

It must be weird for women to know that they can get laid whenever they want to.  I've wondered what it feels like to be like that.  For guys, it's a constant quest to try to get a woman to go home with them, and then the quest to ge...

It must be weird for women to know that they can get laid whenever they want to. I've wondered what it feels like to be like that. For guys, it's a constant quest to try to get a woman to go home with them (opens in new tab), and then the quest to get lucky continues from there. And, as you know, while I'm actually getting laid, I try to figure out exactly how I got lucky (opens in new tab)- because it's not an easy thing to do.

Here are the different tactics I have used (some on purpose, and some I truly got lucky) that led to getting lucky:

Assuming Victory With Confidence

When I was learning how to play soccer, the coach encouraged me to "envision the ball in the net," before I shot. This type of confidence goes a long way. On rare occasions, I assume I will succeed, and failure is not an option. I was once very drunk trying to find a cab in the street. A bunch of girls a few feet away from me got a cab. I ran over to them and jumped in while saying, "I'm coming with you guys..." Of course, I told the cabbie to take the girls home first. That made me look like a gentleman (opens in new tab), and it also set me up to complain that my place was way too far away. So, it turned out they were from out of town, and they invited me in to their hotel. Hotel rooms are perfect for making out (opens in new tab) because there's nowhere to go but the beds- it's like being trapped on an island. Even I can get laid on an island...probably. I wish i always had that confidence to jump into a cab with hot women. I figure 90% of the time, I'll get pushed out of the cab and end up on the sidewalk if I try. (opens in new tab)

Complaining About Another Girl

One time, I was out with a group of friends complaining about a girl that was giving me the run around and asking every girl in the group for advice. A cute blonde girl I had just met took interest and gave me lots of advice. (opens in new tab) She was also telling me how sweet I was for actually having feelings. I ended up going home with her, and we had sex (opens in new tab). I wonder if I was so broken up about the other girl that this girl decided to have sex with me out of sympathy. I don't think guys are above looking pathetic if it means they can get sympathy sex.

Using My Guitar

I once met a girl I had met through work at a bar for a "drinking contest". I packed my guitar in the back of my car, laughing at myself for my cheesy plan to woo her with some music (opens in new tab). After we were pretty lit, we went back to her place and I brought my guitar in. I had barely played for 10 minutes before we were going at it. We even had sober morning sex the next day. (opens in new tab) My guitar has gotten me action nearly 100% of the time I choose to use it. The promise of playing guitar has also convinced girls to come home with me, as long as I don't get stupid and play/butcher "Part of Your World" from Little Mermaid (opens in new tab) ,"Faith" by George Michael (opens in new tab)"Queen of Hearts," by Juice Newton (opens in new tab), or something along those lines. I don't know what it is about guitar, so can someone please tell me?

I wonder if women just assume I'm trying have sex with them all the time, and it was nothing I did but actually their decision to have sex with me. Is it possible that I truly did get "lucky" and I didn't use any skill in these situations...other than knowing a few guitar chords, and being athletic enough to hop into a moving cab? It would make a lot of guys sad if we had no control over our own getting laid destiny whatsoever. (opens in new tab)

What tactics have guys used that led to spontaneous sex? Have you ever had it happen with situations similar to mine? Do you always assume guys are trying to get laid? What is it about the three stories above that helped me get lucky? And have you ever had sympathy sex with a guy?

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