11 Reasons Why It's Easier to Meet Someone When You Go Out Alone

Being alone is scary, but it has benefits. In fact, it could help you find someone to love

Being alone is scary, but it has benefits.

Recently, a co-worker approached me with that "I've figured out women" gleam in his eye. It's similar to the look that person must have had when they discovered bread was better in sliced form.

As his gleam intensified, rivaling that of an "enlightened" person who just joined a cult, he said, "Last night, I was alone in the bar, reading a book, and I got THREE numbers." Like a preacher at the climax of his sermon, he proclaimed:

"Going out alone attracts women."

It was an impressive theory, but only part of the solution to the riddle known as womankind. Most male "discoveries" are way off, but we subscribe because there is no pat answer.

There are, however, reasons going out alone might attract women:

You Look Confident

I must admit I'm insecure going out alone because of my need to be around people I know. But I'd look confident and independent if I went out alone.

It Forces You to Meet People

You're by yourself, so you might as well mingle.

You're Approachable

When I'm with the guys, our group is intimidating; when I'm with a girl, she might be mistaken for my girlfriend. You can almost assume a person would welcome conversation if they are out alone. A person might approach you before they approach all the big groups around you at a venue.

You're Not Distracted

My single buddy and I have, as my friend Margaret calls it, a standing Friday happy hour date. Our weekly tryst consists of binge bar crawls, sportscaster impersonations, and other stupid inside jokes that require no brainpower. Recently, we were huddled in the corner of a bar watching this really bad scene fromSilent Night Deadly Night 2known as "garbage day" on my phone. Amongst our giggling, my buddy implored me: "Play it again, play it again!"

Quite frankly, my buddy is more entertaining than most girls we meet when we are out. And even if we could concentrate on hitting on ladies, I doubt our Friday Happy Hour behavior is attractive.

You're Acting Like Yourself

When I'm not with people like my buddy, I'm not a goofball. I tend to get a little spastic with my friends. If I'm one-on-one with a girl, I'm calmer, smoother, and I'll make a better first impression.

You Don't Appear to Be "on the Prowl"

It's a nice change when a guy isn't all about getting a girl in bed. Guys don't look so aggressive reading or having a drink at a venue without their pack of buddies.

You Get Sympathy

My friend Margaret told me that sometimes she sees a guy alone and thinks: "Aw look at that poor guy, I bet he could use some company." I suppose it appeals to a woman's nurturing nature.

You Can "Accessorize"

My co-worker's book was an intelligent source of conversation. I guess I should wait until I'm finished reading the Manson murder book Helter Skelter before I accessorize. Margaret said she'd "move to another seat on the bus" if she was next to a guy reading that. I'll pose with something smart, like a Herman Melville book.

You Have No Competition

I bet I look pretty darn good without my stupid better-looking friends around!

You're Not Always Out on Weekends

On weekends, most bar patrons are drinking their faces off, and bars are super-crowded. Venues are calmer during the week, creating settings for friendly communication. We tend to hang out in groups on weekends, regardless of what we do, and it's tough to leave your group or approach a group.

You Probably Won't Get Too Drunk

On weekends with my buddies, I'm downing drinks — nothing to be proud of. But, if I'm at a bar having a beer, I won't overdo it. Even if I have a buzz, it will be the correct amount: I'll be loose, but not super-obnoxious like when I drink with friends.

The drawback to going out alone is looking like the loner psycho with no friends. But going out to study, read, get out of the apartment, etc., is not a bad thing. Who knows, you might even meet an interesting person or two if you avoid looking creepy or getting wasted.

Do you have success meeting guys when you go out alone? Do you think guys who are alone are more approachable? What's your opinion of a guy when you see him alone having a beer or coffee? Do you feel sorry for him, or does it depend on what he's doing? Do you agree with the theory above?

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