15 Things You're Overanalyzing in Your Relationship

Our guy expert, Lodro Rinzler, lays out things you might have been afraid to say or do but are actually totally kosher.

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Saying, "I Like You."

Even if you're newly seeing each other saying, "I really like you" shouldn't be that scary. He might be sitting on the very same thought but isn't brave enough to admit it.

Canceling Plans

If something comes up for you at work and you have to cancel, just say it. If he's into you he'll understand completely.

Saying What You Want

Telling him what film you want to watch/restaurant you want to go to/bar you want to drink at. A good man wants a woman with good taste. Feel free to tell your date what you want to do.

Being Straight-Forward That You Have Your Period

You're both not in middle school, it's a natural thing that happens and he's heard it before. He knows you get it. If he's not a punk he will acknowledge it, shrug, and move on to the next topic.

Asking for His Astronomical Sign

If you're into that sort of thing. He will know you're not getting dual charts made up to see if you're compatible for life. You just think of him when reading your horoscope in the morning.

If You're Starting to Get Serious

Sending him "I'm thinking of you" texts is totally acceptable. He's probably thinking of you too.

Beating Him at His Own Game

Be it cards, sports, or even just Foosball if you have it in you to trounce him don't hold back even a little.

Telling Him You Need Some Alone Time

I mean, who doesn't?

Occasionally Mentioning an Ex

I stress the word "occasionally." You're going to make him a bit jealous, but if he asks what you did for your birthday a few years back it's not like you should lie about that weekend getaway to the Bahamas. You did have a life before.

Leaving a Toothbrush, Blowdryer, or other Item at His Place

It's worth saying, "Do you mind if I leave ___ here so I don't have to go home before work in the morning?" but if he's into you he'll smile every time he opens his bathroom cabinet and sees it.


Planning Dates or Trips Away

One rule of thumb is to never plan for a date longer than you've been with a guy. For example: If you've been together for three months and there's a wedding coming up in two more, and you're feeling good about the relationship, invite your boyfriend. But, if the wedding isn't for another 6 months, better to leave the plus one box unchecked for now.

Telling Him What You Want Long Term

If you want marriage, kids, or are clear about your career aspiration he likely wants to know it (and share his own thoughts on the matter).

Fixing Things Around the House

F*ck gender stereotypes. If you're handy with a wrench and his refrigerator door is broken show him what's what.

Changing Your Profile Picture to One That Shows You Both Together

Changing your Facebook status to "in a relationship" is essentially telling all of your friends, exes, parents, and childhood classmates that you need them to know you found someone. Changing your Facebook profile picture is a bit more subtle, and more adorable.

Introducing Him to Your Family

It's actually nice for a guy to see where you come from; it reveals layers about who you are and who is was that influenced you. He might get nervous about meeting your dad, but that's a whole other story.

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