ICYMI: Men Forget Important Things

So this one time I had a boyfriend who forgot me at a party. He's now an 'ex' boyfriend.

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Back in the day, I had a boyfriend who would forget everything I ever mentioned. It could have been my birthday, our anniversary, what type of Seamless takeout we just ordered, or to pick up the dry cleaning—I probably could have guerrilla thrown an "I'm pregnant!" announcement at him, and he'd forget that, too. I always thought it was selective hearing or maybe he was becoming senile at a young age, but no, he was just forgetful.

And it's not just him.

New research shows that whether men are between the ages of 30 or 60, they forget things more than women, according to The Daily Mail UK. In a study called HUNT3, 48,000 participants were asked how often they had problems remembering names, dates, what they did last year, or details in conversations. Most men had problems with eight out of nine questions (surprised?).

According to Professor Homen of Norwegian University of Science and Technology, whose team launched the HUNT3 study, the reason behind men's forgetfulness is still unknown. "We have speculated a lot about why men report more frequent problems with remembering than women do, but have not been able to find an explanation. This is still an unsolved mystery."

Nice excuse, Professor Homen. I feel like this science experiment is just one big footnote men can cite as to why they forget anniversaries EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

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