7 Things Your Boyfriend Doesn't Understand

You're not the only one who sneaks shopping bags into your apartment, that's for sure.

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1. The Myth: "You shop more than anyone else."

The Truth: Granted, your accessories obsession may take up more time than many others out there, but you're definitely not alone. Shopping is an easy and fun way to spend time with your friends as well as satiate your need for chic summer beachwear.

2. The Myth: "Your skincare routine seems excessive."

The Truth: Night time is the best time to let your skin recover from the day, so you want to make sure you get all that makeup off before hitting the hay. And hey, you like options.

3. The Myth: "You're the only person with that many shoes."

The Truth: Shoes are not one-style-fits-all: We need varying heel height and seasonal fabrics.

4. The Myth: "You're always cold."

The Truth: It's not just you; although evidence that women generally feel colder than men is mostly anecdotal, women's anatomy may be to blame.

5. The Myth: "You carry more junk in your purse than anyone."

The Truth: Purses are like pools; it'd be silly not to fill the whole thing.

6. The Myth: "You always buy clothes without trying them on and then end up returning them."

The Truth: Your friends do this too, and you don't want to hold up the group by waiting in line for a fitting room.

7. The Myth: "You take longer to do your hair than I take to do my taxes."

The Truth: He's being ridiculous. Your hair looks rad.


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