There's a Line of Sex Toys Made from Crystals, and They're Supposed to Recalibrate Your Private Parts

Plus, they're so *preeeetty*.

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File under Things You Never Knew Existed And That You Immediately Need To Have: sex toys made from crystals. Yes, you read that correctly. Chakrubs, created by Vanesa Cuccia, are a line of sex toys made from 100% pure crystal that "bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime."

When asked about the origin of Chakrubs, Cuccia explained that it was the desire to have them for herself that drove her to create the line.

"Having lived with a spiritual teacher, I learned a great deal about crystal vibrations and how therapeutic they can be. I had wanted to explore and play with who I was on a sensual level, and I knew I had some blocks when it came to doing this with another person. No toys at the sex toy shop really were in alignment with what kind of work I knew I needed to do on an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual level," she said.

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"So when my friend and I met a woman who showed us a crystal wand something clicked. This was what I needed. I needed to combine metaphysics with sexuality; I needed to meditate through self-pleasure; I needed to feel comforted by what I was putting inside my body. The more I spoke about this idea with friends, the more the idea evolved and the understanding that this was something that was needed in the world provoked me to bring it to others."

Courtesy of Chakrubs

Talk about sexual healing. We'll say one thing: Stirring up some good energy while getting down doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.

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