Happy "Lover's Day!" 5 Ways to Spark Up Your Relationship

Once that blinding lust phase has come and gone, couples may notice the monotony in their relationship go from zero-to-fifty. You say "I love you" when you leave for work and before you go to bed, and go to the same places, eat the same meals, hang out with the same people. After all, nothing says boredom more in a relationship than routine. You love your cuddly bear but you'd like for him to turn into the wild tiger he once was — you've even become a sitting duck yourself.

Well, we now have a holiday for that. April 23 is Lover's Day, the day for you and your boo to ignite the fire that once blazed in your heart (and, let's be honest, your loins). In honor of this day, MC is giving you five sure-fire ways to pump up the spark in your relationship. Thank us later.

1. Leave love notes. Remember when your mom used to leave cute little notes in your lunchbox and how that just melted your eight-year-old heart? Your honey will have the exact same reaction. Take the time to write down a short, sexy message, and leave it in his car or gym bag. He'll be itching to get home and see you.

2. Make a mean breakfast in bed. B-in-B is the epitome of romance. While your significant other is still catching z's, sneak into the kitchen and whip up a meal fit for a king. Nothing will make him happier than being served by his lady. Plus, it'll make him feel appreciated.

3. Role play. Men often have sexual fantasies that they'd love for their woman to act out, but they're too shy or embarrassed to ask, so beat him to the punch. A great way to spice it up is to put on a performance. Ask him to meet you at a swank bar, dress up, and take on the persona of a different woman, then take him home. Costumes in the bedroom are a big hit, too.

4. Dance. Sexual energy doesn't come alive anywhere else like it does on the dance floor. Getting up close with your partner at home and swaying to smooth tunes in dim lighting is an easy way to set a romantic mood. A salsa night out also gets the heart thumping and increases the passion between you two.

5. Flirt… a lot. Bring that cute coy girl out of you. Bat those eyelashes, hold his hand, rub his chest, twirl your hair, rub your foot up against his leg, cradle your head in his neck, and the list goes on. Be that kitten who caught his eye and will continue to keep his attention.

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