Project Getaway: Island Hopping

Island Hopping with Michael Kors

With his best-selling fragrances Island Michael Kors Fiji and Island Michael Kors Hawaii, the iconic designer promises a "vacation in a bottle." But the addition of a new scent this spring, Michael Kors Island Capri, got us wondering: how do jet setters really embrace the indulgent island lifestyle?

Whether it's heading to a private bungalow surrounded by pristine white sand beaches or a tropical paradise of waterfalls and exotic flowers, Michael Kors has the answers. Check out this guide to the ultimate tropical getaways for tips on how to experience these island escapes like an A-lister.

First stop: FIJI

"Fiji is probably the one island destination I haven't been to – yet. But I fantasize about going. It is so remote it takes casual living and relaxed luxury to another level." – Michael Kors

WHY IT'S A MUST: A remote island, casual living and relaxed luxury taken to new heights.

HAUTE HOTEL: Turtle Island. This celebrity-friendly private island resort only accommodates 14 couples at a time and was the honeymoon destination of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Guests stay in a traditional two-room thatched bungalow with 21-foot-high hand-woven, vaulted ceilings, four-poster beds, and a "bure mama" – a Fijian lady who caters to a couple's every whim.

MUST-DO: Enjoy the tranquility of natural waterfalls amidst the lush jungle. Relax on the island's pristine white beaches. Dive in the Somosomo Straits and see the beautiful Rainbow Reef, known for its stunning multi-colored corals and exotic marine life.

MUST-SEE: Watch a fuchsia-toned sunset from a private cruise boat. Enjoy a cocktail while watching the sun sink in the west.

MUST-TRY: Lovo cooking, a simple process that produces delicious results, in which food is cooked underground surrounded by rocks heated red-hot in a fire.

FASHION MUST: Slip into a Fijian sulu, or sarong, worn by both men and women on the island.

LUXURY FIND: Pure Fiji Natural Bath and Body Care Products, used in many of the island's restort spas. Available online at Pure Fiji.

Next stop: HAWAII

"Hawaii is one of my very favorites. When you step off the plane the first thing you notice is the utterly indulgent, sexy humid floral quality permeating the air – it overtakes you immediately." – Michael Kors

WHY IT'S A MUST: A lush, tropical paradise of exquisite beaches, sparkling waterfalls and exotic flowers; combines classic Americana and exoticism.

HAUTE HOTEL: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, an oasis on the Big Island's Kohala Coast. Enjoy spa treatments, a private golf course, a black-lava pool for scuba diving, and a staff that doesn't know the meaning of "no."

MUST-DO: Visit Doris Duke's Shangri-La. Enjoy a traditional Lomilomi massage. Spend a day at the beach in Waikiki. Late night shopping in Honolulu. Island hop to the Big Island.

MUST-SEE: The volcanoes, valleys and waterfalls while on a Blue Hawaii helicopter. Watch the sunset while drinking a Mai Tai.

MUST-TRY: The Kona Village Luau is known as one of the finest on the islands. Enjoy pork cooked for a full day in a traditional rock-heated underground oven. Watch the luau in a beautiful outdoor setting under palm trees and surrounded by prehistoric lagoons.

FASHION MUST: Brightly colored Hawaiian print fashions really are the norm. Relax in a hibiscus-print sundress with a fragrant gardenia or plumeria in your hair. Wearing a flower on your left ear means you are with someone and behind your right means you are single.

LUXURY FIND: Letarte Swimwear, worn by Hollywood elites such as Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, and Eva Longoria. Two sisters from Hawaii founded the flirty but functional collection, which is still designed on Maui. Available online at Letarte Swimwear.

Last Stop: CAPRI

"My favorite summer vacation is always in Capri. It's a place that encompasses everything that I love: the glamour, the jet-set and the Mediterranean elegance from the isola azzurra." – Michael Kors

WHY IT'S A MUST: An island of casual glamour; sparkling, colorful, carefree – a true beauty utopia that has been a playground for the rich and powerful since Roman times.

HAUTE HOTEL: Grand Hotel Quisisana, one of the leading hotels in the world. This Capri landmark has as catered to a diverse list of celebrity clientele, from Earnest Hemingway to Gerald Ford to Sting.

MUST-DO: A quiet morning walk on the beach followed by lying poolside at the Quisisana; score incredible oversized jewelry at Alberto & Lino, people watch while enjoying a Limoncello, the lemon-flavored liquor first served on Capri.

MUST-SEE: Crystal waters, cascading rocks and lush green expanse.

MUST-TRY: Ravioli Capresi at De Paolino. Enjoy a moonlit dinner under the restaurant's famous rows of lemon trees that hang over the dining room.

FASHION MUST: Capri pants. This warm weather classic designed by Emilio Pucci was popularized on the island in the 1950s.

LUXURY FIND: Handmade sandals from the boutique Canfora, a favorite of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Grace Kelly, and Sophia Loren. Available online at Canfora.

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