Summer Festival Macking 101

Want to make a "new special friend" at the music fest? Study our handy guide.

Bonnaroo, June 11-14

The scene: A sprawling hippie jamboree on 700 acres of Tennessee farmland

The guys: Half-baked, mud-caked, and able to recite the set list from Phish's second night at Red Rocks in '94

Hookup essentials: Sleeveless Patagonia fleece, glowstick, and a spare roll of toilet paper

Pickup line: "I've got a dime bag and a tent built for two . . ."

CMA Music Festival, June 11-14

The scene: Nashville's all-ages boots-and-Stetsons blowout, this year featuring country queens Reba and Martina

The guys: Nascar-loving good ol' boys who cherish their GMCs second only to their mamas

Hookup essentials: Beer, cutoffs, "Don't Mess With Texas" pride

Pickup line: "You look like you could use some Southern comfort."

Lollapalooza, August 7-9

The scene: Slickly produced, kid-friendly rock-and-hip-hop extravaganza-Radiohead, Kanye-in downtown Chicago

The guys: Aging hipsters in Diesel jeans and Obama tees

Hookup essentials: Ray-Bans, next-gen iPhones, a copy of the latest issue of Watchmen

Pickup line: "When does your severance run out?"

Newport Folk Festival, July 31-August 2

The scene: Soul-stirring acoustic chillfest on the sailboat-flecked shores of Rhode Island

The guys: Unshaven, earnest, and owning nothing that requires dry cleaning

Hookup essentials: Batik blanket, peasant dress, a quick temper about Dylan going electric

Pickup line: "There's more Mount Gay in the Forester-help me get it?"

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