10 Must-Pack Items for Holiday Travel

How to pack for plan B.
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By Eileen Conlan and Lizzie Dunlap

Look Ma, no fighting! Save yourself a migraine and load your suitcase up with these 10 troubleshooting must-haves for every possible sticky situation.

Earplugs: Drown out Dora the Explorer at 6 a.m. — and your brother's snoring at 12 a.m. Now that Grandma's on Facebook, you know you're gonna get tagged in all those family photos, so get your beauty sleep.

Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer: "What butterfly on my ankle? That's dirt."

Face mist and workout gear: Skip the awkward morning family time and fake a run. Then, find a bench, and call your Fave Five to commiserate. On the return, spritz face mist for faux endorphin glow.

Dry shampoo: Say goodbye to waiting in line for the shower, and spray some into your hair for a just-washed look.

Luna bars: Whether your empty nester parents are now on the South Beach diet or you want to avoid extra helpings at dinner, stash these in your purse for nutritional fueling.

Starbucks VIA powdered coffee: Stir your favorite blend into hot water, put on some light jazz, and pretend you're hanging out in your local 'Bucks (albeit a loud, slightly dysfunctional one).

Fully loaded iPod Touch: Download your favorite shows in case your flight gets delayed — also handy for when you lose the battle for the remote control.

Universal Solar Charger: Stay connected — a week without your iPhone is too much.

Padlock: Guarantee your sticky-fingered sis doesn't steal your most expensive sweater this year.

Yoga DVDs: Don't sacrifice your Zen — this is the time you need it most. Get in child's pose and let your siblings' constant bickering fade away.


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