25 Photos of the Royal Family on Vacation Throughout the Years

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Everyone deserves a vacation, right? Even the Royal Family needs a break for some R&R from time to time. While their royal engagements take them to the end of the world and back, that's technically work. So of course when they really do get to get away, the royals definitely go all out. From family time at Balmoral Castle to lavish trips to Spain, the Bahamas, and more, here are a few of the Windsor's most envy-inducing vacations.

Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Britain's
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Nassau, Bahamas

In this photo, taken in 1967, Princess Margaret and husband Antony Armstrong-Jones are enjoying the teal blue waters of the Bahamas, a favorite place of the Princess.

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Malta Honeymoon
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Then-Princess Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Phillip, celebrated their honeymoon in Malta. It was a double-duty trip, however: Prince Phillip was stationed there while on active duty in the Navy, and the couple lived in Villa Guardamangia in Valletta for two years.

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Diana Princess of Wales on Holiday, Necker Island, Caribbean
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Necker Island

The Caribbean was a favorite vacation spot for Princess Diana and the boys, spotted here in 1990 on entrepreneur Richard Branson's private island. The exclusive invite has also been extended to President Barack Obama and Kate Winslet.

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Royals In Klosters
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Klosters, Switzerland

It's no lie that the royals love this Alpine resort village that's huge with celebrities, and they've gone there multiple times. Here, a young Prince William and Prince Harry join their father for a ski trip.

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Diana In Austria
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Lech, Austria

Check out Prince Harry and Prince William's super cool eyewear! Here, they're on a ski trip with their mother to Austria, which was Diana's preferred ski spot, rather than Charles' favorite, Klosters in Switzerland. Sadly, a friend of the royal family died in an avalanche that nearly caught Prince Charles in its way, and Diana refused to return to Klosters.

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Balmoral Picnic
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Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle is likely the most iconic of the royal vacation destination spots, and for good reason. It's a longtime favorite of the Windsor's, with the Queen and the rest of the family spending their August and September holidays there.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Enjoy Skiing Holiday
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The French Alps

In 2016, Prince William and Kate Middleton went on their first vacation as a family of four with a then-3-year-old Prince George and a nearly 1-year-old Princess Charlotte. A little pre-Easter vacation never hurt anyone!

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Prince William, and Harry, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie sking, in Klosters, Switzerland
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Klosters, Switzerland

In 1995, the future Duke of Sussex and Duke of Cambridge were joined by their cousins Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice in the Alps. The royals love their ski trips, so it's no surprise to see the entire gang together in Switzerland.

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Princess Margaret
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Athens, Greece

Looking fabulous while visiting the Acropolis is the defintion of #vacationgoals, and Princess Margaret and husband made it look easy. They visited the country on holiday in September 1963.

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Royals In Spain
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Mallorca, Spain

Who doesn't love a royal crossover? For the summers of 1987 (pictured here), 1988, and 1990, the royal family spent their vacation time with King Juan Carlos of Spain, Queen Sofia, and their family, including son Prince Felipe, who is now the reigning monarch.

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Royal visit to British Virgin Islands
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British Virgin Islands

In October 1977, the Queen made a royal trip to the British Virgin Islands, where she had a chance to tour a market. Of course she went straight for the mangoes, which are notoriously a favorite food of Her Majesty—she even travels with Bilawal House mangoes.

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Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Mustique...
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Mustique, West Indies

Mustique was Princess Margaret's favorite vacation destination, and the Queen came to visit her there in 1977 after her Silver Jubilee Tour of the West Indies. It's now a favorite vacation destination spot for William and Kate.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton on a Skiing Holiday in Klosters
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Klosters, Switzerland

Prince William and Prince Harry regularly made trips to Switzerland for ski trips during their childhood, so it's no surprise that in 2008, William brought then-girlfriend Kate to join him on a winter retreat. Ah, young love.

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Anwar Hussein Collection
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Shortly after a champagne brunch, Princess Margaret and her new husband boarded the Royal Yacht Brittania to depart for their six-week honeymoon through the Caribbean, stopping in Trinidad, Antigua, and the Princess' favorite, Mustique. They were the first couple to take the royal yacht, but the yacht may be cursed: Every couple that's used it for their honeymoon has wound up getting divorced.

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Diana Visits The Pyramids
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Always known for her fashion choices, it should come as no surprise that Diana coordinated her outfits during her royal tour of Egypt in 1992 to match the landmarks she'd be visiting. She'd accepted an invite to visit from First Lady Suzanne Mubarak, and apparently called the landmarks she'd seen "breathtaking." She had a lasting impact on the country: After her passing, Egyptian television cleared its schedules and carried live coverage of her funeral.

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Charles Sketching
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Even the royals sometimes need to stop and take in the scenery. In this photo from 1998, Prince Charles stopped to paint a watercolor in the middle of his hike of the Himalayas.

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Royalty - Duke and Duchess of York Wedding - Honeymoon - Heathrow Airport
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The Azores, Portugal

For their honeymoon in 1986, Prince Andrew and his then-wife, Sarah Ferguson, took the royal jet and the royal yacht Brittania to the Azores, a region in Portugal. The jet had "Just Married" emblazoned on the rear door.

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HRH Prince Charles - File Photos
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Prince Charles manages to make even drinking from a coconut look regal. He visited India in December 1980 for a six-day trip, and he returned again with wife Camilla Parker-Bowles for a two-day trip in 2017. Hopefully he drank from a coconut then, too.

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ZMB: Queen Elizabeth II on Safari in Zambia
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ALERT: The Queen is wearing khakis. Khaki pants, if you can believe it. Seeing the Queen not wearing her trademark neon is a little jarring, but this royal trip from 1979 proves that she can do it all, and wear it all.

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Royalty - Prince And Princess Of Wales Canada Visit - Niagara Falls
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Niagara Falls

Royals! In! Ponchos! During a 1991 visit, a 7-year-old Harry and 9-year-old William joined Diana for a 25-minute boat ride on the Maid of The Mist in Niagara Falls.

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Prince William And Prince Harry Visit Africa - Day 4
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Botswana, Africa

Princess Diana was never shy about her love for Africa, and she's passed on that love to her sons. They've taken several trips to the continent, but Harry has a specific place in his heart for Botswana. In 2008, he took girlfriend Chelsy Davy on a trip there, and he and now-wife Meghan Markle have taken two trips there, one in 2016, and one in 2017 to celebrate Meghan's birthday.

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European Royalty
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Balearic Islands

It's a whole gang of royalty! This star-studded clan all took a vacation together, along with their children in 1990. Who's there? Along with Charles and Diana, Princess Elena of Spain, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, former King Constantine of Greece, Princess Theodora of Greece, Queen Sophia of Spain, and King Juan Carlos of Spain were all invited on the trip to these Spanish islands.

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The Royal Family Disembark The Hebridean Princess
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Scrabster, Scotland

During a celebration for Prince Andrew's 50th birthday, and Prince Anne's 60th birthday, members of the royal family gathered on the Hebridean Princess boat in Scotland for a two-week cruise hosted by The Queen. In addition to the birthday celebrants, Prince Edward, his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, their children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, were included.

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An Alternative View Of The British Royal's Jubilee Year
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In the first royal visit to the commonwealth since 1982, Kate and William were welcomed by the people in the Polynesian country with aplomb. They had a ton of fun, even dancing with the ladies at a traditional Vaiku Falekaupule ceremony.

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Queen & York Family On Britannia
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The Royal Yacht

While it's not a destination of sorts, plenty of royal vacations have occurred on the Royal Yacht Brittania. From honeymoons to family cruises, it's the royal vessel of choice when it comes to getting from here to there. In this photo from 1989, the Queen, Prince Andrew, and Sarah Ferguson, wave before they leave for their summer cruise. Princess Beatrice wanted nothing to do with the picture, though.

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