Elizabeth Kiefer

Elizabeth Kiefer is a freelance writer, editor, and gluten product consumer. She lives and obsessively re-arranges furniture in Brooklyn.

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New Harvard Study Finds That an Astounding 36% of Women Have Been Affected by Sexual Violence
The Institute of Politics poll takes a hard look at the state of rape.
I Spent a Week Without Looking in a Mirror

Honestly, not what I expected.

Bad News: If You're Breaking Up Anytime Soon, It's Probably This Week
Good news? Discount chocolate.
"I Have Those Days": Cindy Crawford Is Just Like Us When It Comes to Body Confidence
But she's pretty much an angel sent from Heaven when it comes to everything else.
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Why We Cry in Spin Class
The gym is the new catharsis.
On the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a Look at Where Abortion Politics Stand Now
Maybe more complicated than ever.
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There Is Now an App That Tells You How You Feel About People
Because you didn't already know?
Is the Final Frontier of Marriage Equality When Women Can Get Down on One Knee?
The *other* kind of marriage equality.
These Will Be the Biggest Feminist Issues of 2015
Consider it a preview of your newsfeed.