Rock Goddess

The Florence + the Machine singer has a taste for theatrical maximalism that's bewitched both music and fashion lovers alike. In a showstopping melange of bronze, brass, and brocade, the otherworldly beauty casts a spell.


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    Persephone Rising

    "In the beginning I was a lot younger, drunker, and more glib. I've learned not to hide behind a veil of irony—to talk about my work in a more honest way."

    Jacket, $2,475, top, $2,355, Stella McCartney; earrings, $230, necklace, $310, Pebble London; handpieces, $1,200 each, Lynn Ban. Hair: Alex Brownsell at D and V Management. Makeup: Thomas De Kluyver at D and V Management. Manicure: Shreen Gayle at Premier Hair and Makeup. Prop stylist: Robert Storey at The Book Agency. Production: Victoria Hutchings at Mint Productions.

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