Benny Blanco Says He Had a 'Clueless' Moment Realizing He Was in Love With Selena Gomez

The reference! The sweetness!

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco
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Benny Blanco's two principal charms (and I'm sure there are many more) are his self-deprecating humor and his cooking skills.

But if the music producer hadn't come to a pretty big realization, his girlfriend Selena Gomez could have never known the absolutely adorable relationship that the two seem to share.

"I was the last one to know," Blanco told WSJ. Magazine in a new interview. "It’s crazy how your partner could just be sitting there the whole time, right in front of your eyes, and you don’t even notice, and then you have that Clueless moment where you’re like, 'Wait, I’m in love.'"

If for some incomprehensible reason you have not seen Clueless, Blanco is likely referring to the scene where Alicia Silverstone's character Cher is window-shopping when she realizes she's in love with her ex-stepbrother (yep, it's weird, but it's based on Jane Austen, k? And besides, the ex-stepbrother in question is played by Paul Rudd).

For context, Gomez and Blanco knew each other for many years before they started dating in late 2023.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Blanco ~dished~ on cooking with Gomez, who also has a cooking show, and how the two of them like to put together a "steakhouse dinner" for their loved ones.

"I just love entertaining and pleasing people," the producer said. "Doesn’t everyone want to be cared for, whether it’s your friend or a lover or your family? Doesn’t it feel good when someone makes you something?"

Blanco gave the interview while promoting his cookbook Open Wide, in which there's a chapter called "5 Dishes to Get You Laid and One for the Morning After."

This is very on brand for a man who once made a TikTok about the recipe he used to "get laid" on Valentine's Day. So he's not an old-fashioned romantic, but I think it's fair to say he's a romantic nonetheless.


fry pickles and get laid

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