Las Vegas star Molly Sims traveled to Sin City for us and put her nerves and her hair to the test. Want your locks to look just as lovely? Skip the smoke and mirrors and use Molly's secret tricks.

Molly Sims has come a long way from the tree-lined campus of Tennessee's Vanderbilt University, where she harbored aspirations of a legal career. All that changed when Sims sent several photos to a New York modeling agency. Wouldn't you know it, she got signed, and it changed everything. "Modeling in Europe at the beginning of my career was pretty hard, with the constant traveling and uncertainty as to where I was going to be from one day to the next. I was always getting run-down from jet lag and being in strange towns where I didn't speak the language or know what the food was like."

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Despite these difficulties, Sims quickly adjusted. Now, after 12 years of print and catwalk duties, a slew of commercial endorsements and a successful stint hosting MTV's House of Style, Sims finds herself a star on the rise. "House of Style changed my life. I literally had no experience in front of a TV camera before, and there I was taking over for Rebecca Romijn. My exposure heightened instantly," she says. It's no wonder, then, that NBC cast her as the sultry manipulator Delinda Deline in its popular drama Las Vegas, simultaneously turning up the heat on Sims, the show and the city itself.

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Witness what happened on the day we sent Sims to Vegas to photograph this story: After 14 hours of hair, makeup, primping, posing and shooting, all she could think about was making the last flight back to L.A. so she could get a few hours of sleep before her 5am call the next morning. Just then, a van carrying Cornell University's men's Ultimate Frisbee team pulled up, discharging two dozen fans. One glimpse of Sims and the guys went crazy. Though she was tired, hungry and already ensconced in the backseat of an SUV, Sims just couldn't take the sea of sad, sweaty faces staring her way, so she jumped out, threw her arms around the guys and glammed it up for a few more frames. The guys cheered, Sims sped off, and the day was finally done. She may not have become the litigator she once imagined, but odds are pretty good that this whole Hollywood thing is really going to pay off for Molly Sims.

Molly's hair tip:
"Fish oil is a great protein for your hair." (Find it in omega-3 supplements at health-food stores.)

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