What Happens When You Get Introduced to Beyoncé and Have Zero Idea Who She Is

"Say My Name" has never been more relevant.


Most people's reaction to meeting Beyoncé: crying, bowing, and breaking into spontaneous prayer. UFC fighter Holly Holm's reaction to meeting Beyoncé: total lack of recognition followed by (understandable) feelings of shame and humiliation.

Holm met Queen Bey at a VIP boxing match viewing party, and drew a complete blank after being introduced by Jay Z.

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"I met Jay Z and he says 'this is my wife' and I say, 'Oh, hi what is your name?' That is what I do when I meet someone's wife," Holm said. "As I am shaking her hand I am thinking 'why did I just say that?'"

It's ok, Holly Holm. Many people would get flustered in the presence of a higher power. Plus, Beyoncé's identity is somewhat confusing due to that one time she morphed into half-human/half-robot Sasha Fierce.

Anyway, Beyoncé ended up brushing off the awkward moment, but you can watch Holm re-live it below.

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