The Next Wave of Wearable Tech Will Surprise You

So ~sci-fi~

By now, we've all grown pretty accustomed to the idea of wearable tech devices, like the Apple Watch and Google Glass. Not that we actually own any of them, but still, *theoretically* their function is understandable. But the newest wave of wearables is borderline cyborg status.

As TechCrunch reports, Austin-based tech company Chaotic Moon is engineering a "smart" stick-on gadget: Tech Tats, they're called. They're applied just like the temporary tattoos of your childhood—stick on and wash off—except these high-tech tats can monitor vital signs, track GPS location, even hold credit card information.

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Imagine how much easier festivals would be if you could find your friends, make sure you're hydrated, and it's a stick-on tattoo, soooo…. totally appropriate (albeit a bit robotic).

Watch the video below to learn more:

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