This Halloween's Hottest Costumes

From the Middletons to the Kardashians, we predict this year's most popular Halloween get-ups with tips on how to get all dolled up, DIY-style.


Pregnant Beyonc

One of the single greatest pop culture moments of the year, nay, century, was the revelation that Mrs. Jay-Z was pregnant, so we are 100 percent certain that Babyoncé will make a major appearance this season. Plus, what can be more comfortable on a wild night out than some maternity panel pants?!
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The Zoe/Berman Family

Seeing that the pregnant version of Rachel Zoe doesn't look much different than the non-pregnant version, we're excited to see costumes with the celeb stylist's favorite new accessory: a baby! All you need for this look is a fierce ensemble and a well-dressed doll named Skyler. Bonus points for a shaggy-haired, scarf-wearing Rodger lookalike.
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Lady Gaga as Ralph Macchio

When Lady Gaga dressed in drag for the MTV Video Music Awards, she may have called her alter ego Jo Calderone, but Twitter was abuzz with her striking resemblance to the Karate Kid himself. That's why we think it'll be very clever indeed to do a twofer costume and dress up as them both at once. Note: This look is all about the hair and the mannerisms, so don't scrimp on the wig — and watch My Cousin Vinny a few times to get into character.
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Nicki Minaj

Speaking of Lady Gaga, if you've ever dressed up as the "Born This Way" singer in Halloweens past, you already have your Nicki Minaj costume ready to go. You probably won't need to alter a thing to make it look like the kooky rapper, who was a fixture in the front rows of New York Fashion Week this season with her wild wigs, neon accessories, and confusing undergarments-as-pants. It's on trend and on a budget!
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Harry Potter

The final flick in the epic eight-movie franchise hit theaters in July, so this year is your last chance to break out the wand and Hogwarts scarf you've been wearing to midnight movie screenings for the past decade (yes, it's been a decade). Although we know it's standard operating procedure to don a lightning-bolt forehead tat and glasses, we recommend you frizz out your hair a bit, Hermione-style. Girl power!
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Kate Middleton and Prince William

The "It" couple costume of the year is, without a doubt, the royal newlyweds. And although you might not be able to afford an Alexander McQueen wedding gown, any long white dress — preferably with lace — and veil will do. Paramount to this look is your prince's military-inspired jacket and blue sash. Then, top it off with a well-coordinated regal wave and a few PG-rated kisses.
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Pippa Middleton

And for all you single ladies out there, what better way to stick it to your lame coupled-up pals than to steal their thunder by looking way hotter in your Halloween costume. Channel Kate's kid sister, who totally trumped the bride in her form-fitting maid of honor gown.
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Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

If you are all about the royals but don't want to don a faux wedding gown, then grab your bestie and flip a coin to see who's Beatrice and who's Eugenie. Once decided, dash over to your local craft store to pick up all the pipe cleaners, feathers, and hot glue you can get your hands on. But don't fret about getting the fascinators to look exactly like the originals. They don't have to be literal copies — as long as the headpieces would make Philip Treacy think you've grossly overdone it, they're just right!
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The New Justin Bieber

The same Justin Bieber as last year, except with shorter man-bangs and the addition of hipster glasses. Oh, and a smallish snake that you carry around in your hand.
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A Pan Am Stewardess

Er, we mean "flight attendant." Political correctness aside, with the new ABC series having just debuted, the blue suited ladies will be everywhere this time around. Just don't be fooled and buy those overpriced, skimpy "Sexy Stewardess" kits they sell at costume shops — this '60s-era look is much more conservative. What's best about this get-up? The Pan Am satchel is retro-chic year-round!
Patrick Harbron/ABC

A Playboy Bunny

Now, if you secretly love the "Sexy ____" costumes (think, "Sexy Kitten," Sexy Police Officer," "Sexy Computer Programmer"), you are probably pretty stoked that NBC is trying to create its own version of Mad Men à la The Playboy Club. The renewed relevance in the Playboy franchise will make any slutty bunny suit seem perfectly on point.
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We are obsessed with HBO's new series, Game of Thrones, but we're perhaps more obsessed with the show's hair, particularly Khaleesi's (aka The Moon of Khal Drogo's Life). For the rest of the look, make some tweaks to a viking costume kit and craft a few dragon eggs to fawn over.
Helen Sloan/HBO

The Kardashians

Sure, Kim Kardashian has been a Halloween costume go-to for about as long as Paris Hilton hasn't been one. But, if you have multiple friends who are comfortable wearing skintight leopard dresses (we hear Sears has aplenty!) and butt pads, then ban together to create the whole Kardashian clan.
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The Black Swan

Although it might feel a little dated (the flick did come out way back in December 2010), we've seen enough cool YouTube video tutorials on how to get those spooky swan eyes that we can't let it go just yet. Plus, if you've got multiple Halloween parties to hit up, you can do White Swan one night and Black Swan the next. We're quite sure Natalie Portman will be very impressed with your respect for the character's emotional arc.
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Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, if you're as in love with Ryan Gosling as we are, why not show him the sincerest form of flattery. Because we can't decide which of his recent looks we like best — there's the dapper dresser from Crazy, Stupid Love, the just-back-from-the-gymnasium-in-a-striped-tank-top crime fighter version, or the one from Drive where he's wearing that super-sexy satin scorpion jacket — we recommend you rally your best pals to dress up in as many incarnations as possible.
Ben Glass/Warner Brothers (left); Richard Foreman Jr./FilmDistric (right)

The New Girl

We can't help but swoon over the adorableness that is Zooey Deschanel in the new FOX sitcom, New Girl. What's great about her look is that you probably own it already. Just grab a girly vintage-inspired dress, a grandpa cardigan, and ballet flats. The only thing you'll need to locate are some horn-rimmed glasses and three men to roll their eyes lovingly at you all night as you sing-song every other sentence.
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