Your Official Holiday Drinking Guide

Trust us: We know what we're talking about.

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When the holidays roll around, a few things are certain: There will be music, twinkly lights, presents, and booze–lots of booze. And while we love the classics­­, there's only so much eggnog we can drink in one sitting. The solution? Making your very own Christmas/Hanukkah concoction. Here, our official guide to creating your own very original, very holiday cocktails.

Have This Booze on Hand

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Sticking to your favorite spirit? Not a problem. Try adding in some of these liqueurs and liquors for a festive twist, or using them as the boozy base to your drink.

1. Because the holidays are a celebration. Perrier Jouët Grand Brut NV, $56;

2. For when you want your drink to also be a dessert, try a sweet cream liqueur. Arran Gold Malt Cream Liqueur, from $26;  

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3. Authentic, German-style peppermint schnapps. Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps, prices vary;  

4. This liqueur has an intense almond flavoring, and is the perfect nutty addition to your cocktail. Amaretto Disaronno, $20;

Add in a Festive Addition

If you want to switch it up without mixing liquors, head to your pantry. Try the above spices to add an Xmas zing, but note that these kinds of ingredients can go really right or reeeally wrong when included in a cocktail, so add in small increments as you go to make sure that everything still tastes edible. 

Finish with a Garnish

The absolute easiest way to take your drink from ordinary to festive is with a garnish. Plus, it's prime Instagram fodder. Fun fact: Holly berries and Mistletoe are poisonous when eaten. So unless you are looking to Grinch someone's Christmas, keep them out of your drinks! 

Pair with These Foods 

Yes, there are some pretty sophisticated ways to pair booze and food, but these aren't going to be those kinds of pairings. To get even more holiday spirit with your spirits, nom on the below while you sip. Okay, so we're basically just consuming booze and desserts. So what? 'Tis the season, people.

Spruce it Up

For the finishing touches, hang some decorations, blast some holiday music, and use these hostess-worthy tools.

Holiday cocktails with snowflake ice cubes? *Squee * Snowflake Ice Tray, $14;

The cutest little straws we ever did see. Santa and Reindeer Straws, $7;

This reindeer antler bottle opener is a very necessary holiday addition to your kitchen. Golden Antler Bottle Opener, $25;

It might not be the most festive decanter we've ever come across, but it's the most honest (and one of the prettiest). Chez Elle Booze Decanter, $50;

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