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While last week's list turned up an unexpected new single from Paula Abdul, this week might even top that—as Lionel Richie's new song with Akon makes an appearance. As was the case with Ms. Abdul, it was a remix that actually propelled Mr. Richie back onto the dance charts. In fact, the month's successes were nearly exclusively dance cuts and remixes—with rock music being represented solely by "Homecoming" and "Girlfriend." And, in fairness, the latter of the two could just as easily pass for dance music, and inspired a heap of remixes itself.

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1. Keri Hilson & Lil Wayne - Turnin Me On (MSTRKRFT) - 130 BPM

2. Hey Monday - Homecoming - 150 BPM

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3. Benny Benassi & Channing - Come Fly Away (Soha & Adam K Remix) - 129 BPM

4. Lady Sovereign - I Got You Dancing - 125 BPM

5. The Prodigy - Warriors Dance (South Central Remix) - 128 BPM

6. Lionel Richie & Akon - Just Go (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Mix) - 128 BPM

7. Phoenix - Girlfriend - 136 BPM

8. Royksopp - The Girl And The Robot - 121 BPM

9. Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel (PVD 2009 Remix) - 132 BPM

10. Armin Van Buuren & Jennifer Rene - Fine Without You (Radio Edit) - 134 BPM

mc-dj-2009-sm.jpgMC's resident DJ Chris Lawhorn weeds through each week's releases to find the best, new music for a workout. The highlights are presented here, organized by their beats per minute.

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