Laura Studarus

Laura Studarus

Laura Studarus is a Los Angeles-based travel writer. Sometimes she can go several hours without a cup of tea. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram

An Instagram Travel Guide to Basque Country

Incredible food known as pintxo, gorgeous beaches, and lots of art.

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Becoming Ariel at Disney World’s Mermaid School

Halle Bailey and Jodie Benson have nothing on me.

The Instagram Guide to Tokyo

Get lost in Japan’s dazzling capital city.

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The Instagram Guide to Poland

What to see, do, and—more importantly—take pictures of in this oft-underrated Eastern European country.

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Unplug from city life in this culturally rich Japanese village.

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At Home With Amy Sedaris is a celebration of the absurd.

I Took a 14-Hour Flight on a Hello Kitty–Themed Airline

...I was the youngest person on the plane by 10 years.