Erin Flaherty

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Beauty Travels: Exploring India’s Centuries-Old Obsession with Jasmine

It's clear that the U.S. isn't the only country that has gone back to simple self-care.

How Macadamia Nuts Became the Secret Ingredient in Your Sustainable Skincare Products

Beauty director Erin Flaherty travels to Kenya for a closer look.

short hair
Hair-Growing Miracles That Actually Exist
For when a casual trim turns into a drastic chop.
The Get-Ahead Grin
Could teeth be getting in the way of your success? MC Beauty Director Erin Flaherty explores the challenges of an imperfect smile, and …
The Water Cure
Erin Flaherty takes a float in Israel's Dead Sea and learns that high salt content isn't always a bad thing.
woman looking in mirror
Becoming High Maintenance
Serial beauty slacker Erin Flaherty experiments with priming, polishing, and shellacking to see whether flawlessness really has its pri…
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Aix Marks the Spot
Glorious scents abound in charming cities like Grasse and Aix-en-Provence, but fragrance-making isn't as easy as it smells.
erin flaherty
Backstage Apprentice
Each season, beauty editors report on the latest trends straight from behind the scenes at Fashion Week. This time, MC's Erin Flaherty …
Travel Diary: Venice, Italy and a Gucci Premiere With Blake Lively
What better place to unveil Guccis latest creation, Premiere, a gorgeous new fragrance inspired by their couture collection, old Hollyw…
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claire courtin-clarins
Desert Flower
The ultrachic international It girl and heiress Claire Courtin-Clarins takes us on a tour of Miraval's equally stylish new spa.
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Jump For It
The calorie-torching fitness craze that's sweeping the nation isn't just good for you, it's also good clean fun.
Travel Diary: Florence, Italy and the Gucci Flora Garden Collection
MC's Executive Beauty Editor travels to Florence for the Gucci's new fragrance collection, Flora Garden.
Fall's Designer Beauty
How does a fashion desigher breathe life into a lipstick or a signature scent? From Shakespeare to iconic handbags, they reveal their b…
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Forever Young … Starting Now?
How early should you start getting aggressive with antiaging treatments? Confident in the face of youth, we gear up to take a closer lo…
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Meet the Next Makeup Moguls
The new crop of beauty entrepreneurs makes the difficult task of running a business look pretty good.
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New Fitness Trend: Synchronized Swimming
It's the new L.A. fitness fad obsessing Hollywood. We try being a bathing beauty, and nearly drown in the process.
jill sander
Beauty Moment: It's Electric
Hot hair and makeup products to help you experiment with the Day-Glo neon trend.