Whitney Joiner

Whitney Joiner

72 Women. 1250 Miles. No GPS.

I competed in America's first all-female endurance road rally. I'd never even changed a tire.

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The Biggest Abortion Case of the Decade Is About to Hit the Supreme Court—Here's a Preview of...

Lawyer Stephanie Toti on what it takes to keep more clinics from closing.

The Fight for Birth Control Is Getting Ridiculous

Because 2015, people. Happy #ThxBirthControl Day.

Would You Ever Consider an Open Marriage?

But really...we want to know.

Tell Us: Are You into Porn?

Whether it's 100% yes or *hell* no, you should definitely take this survey.

'Transparent' Creator Jill Soloway Has a New Video About "Vajaculating"
Vajaculation will apparently save the world—or at least just feel really good.
Last Night's State of the Union Was Not, in Fact, a Major Win for Women
And we have the bingo cards to prove it.
Girls on Wheels
Fueled by their love of the open road, two friends convened a now-annual biker rally in the California desertno boys allowed.
whitney joiner
What Has Birth Control Done For You Lately?
Celebrating the second annual Thanks, Birth Control Day.
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diane von furstenberg
Women of Texas, Meet Women in the World
San Antonio hosts Gloria Steinem, DvF, Eva Longoria and more at the womens issues summit.
egg being fertilized
Want to Freeze Your Eggs? Let Us Help
Some major corporations have started to offer a new (and costly) perk to their female employees.
Finding Feminist Activists Where You'd Least Expect Them
We talk to Jo Piazza about her inspiring new book If Nuns Ruled The World.
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indie icon jenny lewis
Indie Icon Jenny Lewis Is Back with Big News After a 6-Year Break
It gets ultra-personal.
I Traveled Alone to Morocco
And it was amazing.
gazelles homecoming
What Happens After a Journey Across the Sahara
The women of the Gazelles Rally cross the finish line and finally get to celebrate.
Why Young Women Should Care About Equal Pay Day
This is important stuff, people.
We're in the Band-Meet HAIM
Get excited.
Celebrate a New Holiday! Say #ThxBirthControl
The stats, the condoms, the women.
The World's Largest Simultaneous Orgasm?
Whether this will make it into the Guinness Book is up for debate.
Am I the Last Woman Using Condoms?
Frustrated by men's attitudes toward contraception, Whitney Joiner wonders if anyone else out there is having safe sex.
Losing Your Virginity at 36
Nicole Hardy figured she'd marry and have kids right out of college, just like other Mormon women she knew. Instead, she didn't have …
How to Speak Out for Fair Pay for Women
Now that you've read our report on why women are still making 77 cents to the dollar, support Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the other …
Level the Paying Field
In 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act, a landmark law promising pay parity for women. Fifty years later, we're st…
The Seven Types of FWBs
Researchers at Arizona State University and Northern Illinois University have broken down FWBs into seven different categories. Now you…
Green Queens: The Leading Ladies of Marijuana
Marijuana is going mainstream, and now women are active in all areas of the industry, too. They're lobbyists and pols working to reform…
Are Girlfriends the New Husbands?
She's had your back through breakups, pink slips, even that ridiculous paleo diet you tried last fall. Is it any wonder that for a gene…