This Is Kim Kardashian’s Trick to Keeping Her Body From Aging Even a Tiny Bit

And, surprisingly, it doesn't cost a billion dollars.

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Alright, I know, I know—there is no one trick that keeps Kim’s body looking like an ageless mannequin. There are dozens and dozens of lasers, diets, personal-training sessions, and lotions and potions working together to freeze Kim’s skin in a smooth, ageless vacuum.

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But finally, finally!, Kim gave the world a legitimately smart, relatable anti-aging tip that requires no celebrity status or ball of cash to try on your own. In an interview with, Kim chatted about all things beauty, including getting LED facials in the middle of the night while her kids are sleeping, the haircut she’d never get again, and, of course, her skincare routine.

“I always put skincare all over,” said Kim, adding, “I think that’s really a necessity; I put it on my legs, my arms [and] you really have to do your neck and your chest. I might not like the scent of something, but if I feel like it’s powerful product, I’ll use it all over my body.”


And, yes, that includes anti-aging products you’d probably think should be reserved for your face, like toners and serums. “I’ll just put [them] on my arms, my legs, my stomach—just use it everywhere.” The result? Kim.

It should be a no-brainer (what’s excellent for your face should be excellent for your body, too, right?), but I rarely slather anything on my non-facial parts that isn’t basically Lubriderm. However, I’ll probably also look like the Crypt-Keeper’s wife by age 30, so guess who’s planning to take a page from Kim K’s book and start dousing myself in retinol? This girl. Here’s to pretending gravity doesn’t exist!