Kylie Jenner Just Chopped Off All of Her Hair

It's her first post-pregnancy haircut, and it's hella huge.

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(Image credit: Instagram/Snapchat)

Kylie Jenner is BUSY. After taking a nine-month hiatus from social media during her pregnancy with daughter Stormi, the beauty mogul is back in the game, filling our feeds with new life updates.

But aside from her Stormi-inspired makeup collection, or her photos of Stormi's nursery, the update I'm most excited about is her recent hair change. Because what is Kylie Jenner without a constant rotation of new hair looks?

In a story posted to her Snapchat last night, Jenner revealed that she had chopped off her ridiculously long waves for a blunt, shoulder-skimming lob. Her fresh haircut is the first she's had (or at least publicly shown) since she gave birth to Stormi seven weeks ago.

There's a chance, of course, that Kylie just removed her longtime extensions and finally showed the world her naturally short hair underneath, but I'm guessing she probably just wanted a hair change, especially a low-maintenance one that can't easily get tugged on by baby fingers.

Sure, in the world of Kylie, a haircut isn't exactly breaking news—it's just her usual Monday (see below for evidence). But after such a long period of quiet, I can't help but be excited. Kylie's back, guys.

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