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Yara Shahidi Uses This Drugstore Cleansing Oil to Keep Her Skin Dewy

Uh, I need this right now.

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Tell me: How many nights a week do you, 1. Sleep with all your makeup on, or, 2. Remove your makeup with a nasty, skin-destroying makeup wipe? I sincerely hope you answered "never" to both questions, because I'm cringing just thinking about your sad, irritated, inflamed skin.

And if you don't already believe me when I say that properly washing your face is the key to skin happiness, maybe Yara Shahidi's practically flawless, insanely dewy face will convince you to throw those suckers away for good. And guess what? It's all the result of a drugstore cleansing oil (and, fine, really good genes).

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Yes, Shahidi just noted that her favorite trick to keeping her skin hydrated and glowy is to remove her makeup with an oil-based cleanser—specifically Burt's Bees Cleansing Oil. "I like any oil-based cleanser because it helps dry skin," Shahidi said in a recent interview with E! News. "I use anything from foam cleansers to Burt's Bees Oil Cleanser." And, y'all, the cleanser only costs $12!

As a refresher: Cleansing oils are basically a face wash and makeup remover all in one bottle. They break down the bonds in makeup and face grime, so everything rinses away cleanly with water. Burt's Bees' formula, specifically, is infused with argan oil—an oil that's not too light and not too heavy, making it perfect for all skin types—and coconut oil, which helps replenish your skin's natural oils (making it awesome for oily skin types, too).

To use, just rub a few pumps of oil across your dirty, dry face (yes, it'll feel weird at first), then rinse it off, and follow up with your usual face cleanser. And boomyour makeup will have magically vanished, your skin will be dewy and hydrated, and you won't have to deal with terribly irritated skin.

Easy, right? So, please never harshly scrub away at your face with a makeup wipe again. You'll thank me, and Yara Shahidi, later. See further proof of her gorgeous, goddess-level skin, below.

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