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The 19 Best Bath Products That Will Make You Forget What Stress Feels Like

The luxurious soak is worth the prune-y fingers.

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Why is it that drawing ourselves a bath and whiling away the hours with a good soak seems like a pipe dream? It can totally be your reality—you just need the right products to transform your bath from basic to a full-blown spa session. And we're not talking about the bubbles you remember as a kid (although those served their purpose). We're talking baths reimagined, with elevated products like oils, elixirs, and fragrance foams that will make you forget you're simply sitting in your apartment. A good bath provides an element of escapism—a moment of self-care to take your mind off things.

All we'll need you to do is light your favorite candles and get your background music going. Any of these products will do the rest of the work for you. And yes, you absolutely deserve to splurge on your at-home spa sesh. We guarantee that adding these bath-time products to your repertoire will make you a full-blown bather—and one with better peace of mind, a heavenly scent, and the softest skin of your life, at that.

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This Gem-Filled Formula
Restorative Floral Bath
Natureofthings natureofthings.com

How can we go on without acknowledging this insanely beautiful packaging? The price of this bath elixir is surely steep, but it carries actual gems and rich stones inside of it. No, I'm not kidding—there are rose quartz and malachite extract in this formula, both of which energy-balancing and spirit renewal powers. There's also mineral water and hydrating oils to hydrate your pores and soften the skin. 

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This Dream Bath Soak
Bath Soak Nº 08
Milk + Honey follain.com

Sometimes, even when you're sitting in a bath, it feels impossible to settle your mental t0-do list. This calming combination of lavender and eucalyptus puts me in such a relaxed state, and helps me wash the day away.

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These Nourishing Bath Drops
Bath Drops
Fur dermstore.com

These shiny lil' balls are holding the brand's signature fur oil along with nourishing botanical oils like clary sage, grapeseed oil, and more to envelop the skin in a veil of hydration. If you're dealing with inflammation, clary sage is an astringent essential oil, which works to soothe rough patches and clogged pores.

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These Relaxing Bath Bombs
Chill Pills
OUAI sephora.com

We all could use more chill pills throughout the day. To truly calm the F down, pop a few of these bath bombs into running water. Made of soothing oils like jojoba, safflower, and hemp seed, you'll not only feel serene on the inside but on the outside, and your skin will feel softened and moisturized. The jasmine and rose floral scent may compete with your candles, but the more scents the merrier. 

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This Detoxifying Sake Bath
Rice Sake Bath

Follow my lead: Pour a few drops of this elixir into your bath, close your eyes, then imagine you're indulging in a traditional Japanese geisha bathing ritual. This elixir will transform your tub into a sake bath (there's 38 percent sake in there) and you'll feel your body temperature start to rise, ridding your body of toxins and increasing your blood circulation. This detoxifying experience will have you feeling like a whole new woman. 

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This Super-Bubbly Bath Foam
The Ritual of Sakura

Experience cherry blossom season in a bottle with this fragrant bath foam. This scent will mentally transport you to a garden. And if you like bubbles—a lot of them—this foam will be your favorite because it over-delivers in the bubble department.

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These Tranquilizing Bath Salts
After Flow Bath Soak
Y7 x Nice Paper y7-studio.com

If you can't seem to shake soreness, you need this CBD-infused bath soak like, right now. Ease your tight muscles by pouring a generous amount of these bath salts into your warm water. Not only will you instantly be relaxed by the intoxicating scent, but your body will feel like it just got a full-body massage.

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This Extra Hydrating Bath Oil
Huile d'Aix Orange Blossom Bath Oil
Bastide bastide.com

Dealing with dryness? This Vitamin E-rich bath oil is full of antioxidants that will smooth over rough patches and leave your skin feeling so silky post-bath. You won't even feel inclined to apply lotion (although you should), because you'll step out of the tub thoroughly moisturized from this luxurious oil. To get the full effect, pour two cups into your bath when your water is running.

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This Aromatherapy Bubble Bath
Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Bubble Bath
kneipp kneipp.com

Besides the fact that this elixir will turn your water into a dreamy blue color that will make you feel like you're bathing in a sanctuary in the middle of a rainforest, it's full of good-for-you essential oils. Eucalpytus, its star ingredient, is known to clear out congestion and resolve respiratory problems. Since spring, AKA allergy season, is officially here, this therapeutic bubble bath might just be the medicine you need.

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This Gentle Formula
Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath
Mustela amazon.com

You may be a grown woman with baby-soft skin, and that's something to be proud of. You'll appreciate this gentle, non-irritating bubble bath blend of marine, cornflower and avocado extracts to soften and hydrate the skin. The super-safe formula is used for babies, so you can trust it won't upset sensitive skin types.

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This Non-Toxic Bath Powder
Digital Detox Bath
Pursoma amazon.com

Because we all need to be better about unplugging, this 'digital detox' bath powder, made from raw, vegan ingredients, uses montmorillonite clay to remove the positively-charged radiation that accumulates in our bodies as we spend our days in front of the computer with our phone at arm's length. Fifteen minutes is all you need for this total reboot.

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This Rejuvenating Bath Soak
Rose Geranium Bath Soak
Royal Botanicals coolhunting.com

If you're looking for an all-in-one product, look no further than this revitalizing mix of Dead Sea salts and organic essential oils of the "flower of constancy." Extra points for how lovely this Victorian-inspired amber glass bottle will look perched next to your tub.

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This Purifying Muscle-Relaxer
Mustard Bath
Dr. Singha's amazon.com

The traditional English therapeutic remedy of spicy mustard—used for a multitude of ailments from pulled ligaments to colds—contains compounds that stimulates sweat glands, boosts circulation, and relieves tension in the muscles.

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This Dreamy Bath Melt
Luxury Bath Melt
Lush Dreamtime lushusa.com

Bath oil freaks can tread into new territory with a bath melt, which you simply drop into the tub and watch dissolve. It smells and feels damn good and this blend in particular will get you ready for bed, as its exotic sandalwood scent is super relaxing while the cocoa butter hydrates and softens your skin.

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Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, Soothe & Sleep, Lavender
Dr Teal's walmart.com

Not actually salt, but rather a pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, Epsom salts are notoriously detoxifying as they absorb in the skin with ease, reduce inflammation, soothes muscles, and flushes toxins. If lavender is you're go to aroma, let these little crystallines get you ready for some serious snooze time.

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These Stress-Reducing Bath Crystals
Bath Crystals
Burt's Bees walmart.com

While they're essentially a fancier way to soak, these de-stressing crystals are infused with essential lemon and eucalyptus oils to help sooth and relax your muscles (because even sitting all day takes its toll, just ask us).

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These Exfoliating Hydro Gloves
Organic Cotton Exfoliating Gloves
Earth Therapeutics ulta.com

The secret to giving your body that glow (the kind that Beyoncé has virtually trademarked) is exfoliating your body two to three times a week. Slip these babies on to make scrubbing off dead skin and boosting circulation a cinch.

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This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil
Deep Sleep Bath Oil
This Works thisworks.com

It's one thing to find a deeply-hydrating bath oil, but it's another to find one with a bouquet of notes so intoxicating you're left in a dream-like state. This oil is a heavenly mix of patchouli, lavender, camomile, coconut, Ho Wood oils, and more.

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This Deliciously-Scented Bath Oil
Coco Coco Bath Oil
Coqui Coqui net-a-porter.com

100-percent all-natural, this bath oil can be used for massages and bathing alike. And if you're one for making your bath transport you, let its succulent coconut scent transport you to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. 

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