Why Twitter Is Pissed That North West Wore Her Hair Straight

The internet has feelings over the five-year-old's hair.

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Today is North West's 5th birthday, and I have learned two things: 1. My style is way worse than that of a small child, and 2. The people of the internet love to go in on shit that isn't their business.

After a few paparazzi pics surfaced of North West and her family on a pre-birthday outing yesterday evening, Twitter decided it had some intense feelings about the little celebrity's hair.

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The pictures show North, alongside mom Kim Kardashian, flexing the coolest pink two-piece outfit (because she's five), a unicorn stuffed animal (because she's five), and a long, straight, super-high ponytail (because she's five).

Almost immediately, though, the internet took to calling out Kim's choice to straighten her half-black daughter's curly hair:

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Listen; I'm a white woman who, thanks to a cloud of inherent white privilege, has never experienced—and will never experience—the same challenges women of color face, so I pass zero judgment on Kim and/or Kanye's decision to straighten North's hair.

Sure, I see why some people are questioning how much control North had over the hairstyle (i.e. was it North's decision to wear her hair straight, or Kim's?), but I will say that I think it's really nobody's business what a five-year-old does with her little baby life, as long as she's safe and loved.

Some people appear to be on the same page as me, since there's a slew of #NorthWest Tweets standing by KimYe's girl:

Welp, regardless of where you stand, I vote we try a new thing where we let parents parent their own children.

K, thanks. That is all.

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