Valentino Models Wore Giant Flower Headpieces During Haute Couture Week

Florals for winter? Actually groundbreaking, according to Valentino.

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It Was a LewkHe Didn't Stop There

Please remove the boring fruit bowl from the center of your dining room table, because my head is about to be your new centerpiece. At least, if Valentino has anything to do with it. Yesterday at haute couture week in Paris, designer Valentino decided to take some hair trends to the next (next, next, next) level by turning simple blowouts into two-feet-wide sculptures, and, most majestically, turning the idea of flower crowns into full-on flower helmets.

The helmets, as I shall now refer to them, were created by famed hairstylist and Redken global creative director Guido Palau, who adorned models’ heads with roughly a zillion fancy flowers until they were cocooned in petals.

And though this is absolutely not a style that any regular human being would likely wear even once in their life (I mean, think of the pure cost and time suck it would take to make a fancy orchid-filled flower hat), I still find the look oddly gorgeous, like a bunch of wedding table centerpieces just came to life and waltzed around the room.

Guido also created the much talked about hair that model Kaia Gerber wore down the runway: a huge, sprayed, combed, voluminous blowout that you’ve most definitely already seen on your Instagram.

“The big hair at Valentino was inspired by extravagance,” said Guido in a statement. “It’s fantasy hair that women dream about.”

I mean, it’s not exactly the fantasy I personally have in my mind, but he’s not wrong—I do want my flat-as-hell hair to have major volume when I blow it out. Though the hair looks to be filled balloons and secrets, it’s actually the result of six huge hairpieces that the team clipped throughout each model’s hair for height and heft.

As for how Guido created the majestic flower helmets, the jury is still out (likely picking more flowers for another round of centerpieces). But to get inspired to literally never try this look out at home, check out these truly gorgeous floral photos from the show, below.

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