This Golden Girls-Inspired Lip Art Is too Excellent For You Not to See

A true work of art.

the golden girls season 2 pictured l r rue mcclanahan as blanche devereux, estelle getty as sophia petrillo, bea arthur as dorothy petrillo zbornak, betty white as rose nylund photo by gary nullnbcu photo bank
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Makeup is a true artistry, and makeup artist Ryan Kelly just created a masterpiece...on her lips. This woman has some serious skills, and specializes in next-level lip art that's attracted over 75,000 Instagram followers. The artist recently uploaded a lip look on Instagram that will make Golden Girls' fans very happy.

Take a look at this heartwarming photo of the beloved cast members.

Now, look at how Kelly masterfully recreated this portrait on her lips (!!!).

Are you completely shooketh by her skills? SAME. Fans are freaking out as well. "Stunned... we’re just... stunned. Stunned is the only way to describe how... stunned we are," one commenter wrote. "This is so good it hurts my brain," another said.

In her caption, Kelly called out how much work it took to perfect the details for such intricate lip art: "Truthfully, details are always difficult and time consuming. There’s no easy way out," she wrote. "I found a reference photo that I liked and drew it out with some adjustments so that the proportions would work for my lips (i.e. no heads/major details between my top and bottom lip, and rounding it out in places), then made the drawing into a stencil and transferred it to my lips."

Genius. This is not normal lip art, this is insanely amazing lip art. And it's worth showing her other mind-blowing illustrations to make your day.

Like this recent look inspired by 'Birdbox', which went viral.

And this dreamy design in honor of 'The Notebook'.

Plus, this powerful illustration for all the Nasty Women out there.

So many snaps for her! Down to sit in front of the mirror for hours and attempt to recreate this Golden Girls lip art? You go, girl. Shop the products Kelly used below.

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