Glossier Just Launched Bubblewrap, an Eye and Lip Cream I Got to Test First

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When customers talk, Glossier listens. The brand's ethos has always been driven by innovation and the real reviews of consumers. And there was a high demand for an eye cream—so the smart folks over at Glossier's HQ double-delivered with the newest skincare product that just launched today: an eye and lip cream called Bubblewrap.

The Lowdown

You've probably never used an eye and lip cream before, no? Same–well, before I got my hands on this to test (more on that later). A handful do already exist, but it's a largely untapped market, and this product duo makes a lot of sense. The eye and lip area are the most fragile areas on our face, which require care that's customized to these delicate and sensitive areas of the skin. Bubblewrap is designed to deliver deep hydration to both areas using nine active ingredients that'll leave your skin feeling smoother while looking plumper and brighter.

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“We really wanted to make something that offered a unique benefit, and truly was a part of a routine our customer could look forward to," Melissa Souto, director of product marketing and development at Glossier tells in an exclusive interview. "An eye and lip cream just makes sense when you think of the anatomy of the face. Your eye area and your lips require the same type of care, so we wanted to make a targeted treatment for both of those areas.”

The Texture

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To make your eye area and lips feel as cushiony and plumped as possible, Bubblewrap is made of a "water-in-oil" consistency. When you pump out a small dollop, it feels creamy to the touch, then transforms into a silky texture that disappears into the skin.

“Nailing the texture was really important, so we went through so many iterations," Souto tells Marie Claire. "It’s not very common to use a cream on your lips. Then, on your eyes lots of people like to use makeup afterwards and don’t want that area to feel greasy or have heavy residue. We wanted to make sure it was fast-absorbing, but still felt like you were getting that super dose of hydration."

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The Ingredients

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Maintaining its focus on amplifying your skin's hydration levels, the cream is created with nine moisture-boosting, active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, peptides, avocado oil, squalene, vegetable protein, and blueberry fruit extract, to name a few. "Blueberry fruit extract is one of the most potent antioxidants out there," Souto says. "This will definitely help smooth the areas around your lips and eyes.” And if you're a sensitive skin worrywart like me, you're probably wondering if this is safe to use without anticipated irritation? The answer is yes. "We did extensive testing throughout and it’s safe to use on sensitive skin types and for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers," Souto confirms. "For those two areas of your face you must use a product that’s super hydrating, but not sensitizing since they’re so delicate and fragile." Additionally, the brand describes the product as "hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, cruelty free, and vegan."

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Although I'm a 20-something, I'm all about preventative skincare. So, I also asked what we all want to know: Does this have anti-aging benefits? “We want to come out with products that bring out the best in your skin no matter what, and this really leads with the hydration benefit," Souto explains. "Lots of people underestimate what hydration can really do for the skin—there are definitely long-term results you'll achieve from using this.”

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The Ultimate Test

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Even when I'm completely sober, I consistently wake up with hungover eyes. Underneath my eyes, my sleepy skin looks a bit sunken, and three lines like to show up and say hi every single morning—they're like temporary smile lines on my eyes. To kick those to the curb, I spend time giving my skin the ultimate TLC treatment at the crack of dawn so I can look like a human who is alive and thriving again.

After cleansing my skin and applying my serums, I used the dispenser cap to pump out a dime-sized dollop of this onto my ring finger. Then, I gently tapped three dots on the top and bottom of my eye area and pressed them into my skin. My tiny pores, which are prone to milia (dome-shaped cysts caused by trapped pores that are usually white or yellow), drank this up in seconds. The pillow-like texture instantly hugged my skin, and those three morning lines disappeared about ten seconds after. The result: glowy, brighter skin. After applying my concealer, the area was noticeably brighter and illuminated. I've been using it to prime my eye area with moisture before makeup ever since.

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As far as my lips are concerned, I'm never not without balm in arm's reach. No matter the season, my lips are so damn dry all the time. So, as you can imagine, I'm a critic when it comes to things that claim to deeply hydrate my high-maintenance lips. Plus, I've never relied on a cream, and usually stick to salves, ointments, and glosses. This, on the other hand, I decided to test at night in replace of my beloved Aquaphornot an easy feat. I lathered two pumps of this onto my lips before bed. It feels super-soothing to the touch.

Surprisingly, the moisture-sucking central air in my apartment did not deter me from waking up with smooth, hydrated lips. Did they look super-shiny? Nah. Did this tingle like typical lip plumping creams? Not at all. But they did feel super-soft and no visible cracks were in sight. Plus, they didn't feel chapped, and the hydration lingered for a while. I felt the residue of the cream still on my lips when I cleansed in the morning, which I was impressed by, so its long-lasting effects are powerful. I'm admittedly addicted to the sensation of balms. My hack is to layer this on, let it sink into my lips, then put my go-to lip balm on top. It's like a no-rinse mask that primes my lips and prolongs hydration throughout the day. I've found myself reaching for my balm less and less, which proves that this cream is keeping dryness at bay.

Some more exciting news that skincare devotees can look forward to: Glossier is re-launching The Super Serums this spring. That's all I can say for now (winky-face). So, stay tuned.

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