Charlize Theron's Blunt Baby Bangs at the 'Long Shot' Premiere Are So Futuristic

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    • They are fake, but they match with Charlize's edgy style as she hit the red carpet.

        Charlize Theron's hitting the red carpet to promote her rom-com with Seth Rogan, Long Shot, and she's turning it up to 11. With a look that's so futuristic, she might as well be Trinity from The Matrix series (sorry, huge nerd, had to throw that reference in there), she showed off the most blunt, fierce, short baby bangs that I'm pretty sure she should make a permanent addition to her style.

        Adir Abergel, Charlize's hair stylist, gave us a sneak peek at how he came up up with the look—sweeping Charlize's hair back into a ponytail, some faux clip-on bangs (yes, they are fake, but still amazing), and a hair mask to make the hair extra-glossy. Perfection.

        Charlize later went out on the red carpet in a simple black suit, a blingy crawler earring in one ear, and a dash of red lipstick to pair with the bold hair and complete the Matrix reference I made earlier.

        Per PopSugar, here are all the product details:

        Abergel achieved Theron's look by first prepping her hair with the Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask ($28) and then blow-drying it straight. He applied Virtue Un-Frizz Cream($40) and Virtue Volumizing Primer ($36) from the roots to midshaft of her hair, and followed the products up with a rough dry and flat-iron. Next, Abergel styled the hair into a tight, low ponytail with faux bangs clipped on top. He finished it off by using the Un-Frizz Cream on the bold baby bangs.

        Here's a look at the magical transformation in action:

        And here's the final look:

        Teach me your ways, Charlize.

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