Kiernan Shipka Revealed a New Copper Hair Color at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards

She looks SO different with darker hair.

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When you think of Kiernan Shipka, you probably picture her cute blonde, choppy bob. I mean, this chin-length style was seriously made for the 19-year-old actress. LOOK. She clearly knows she's a cute and perfect human.

She's had so many cute hair moments—like this scrunchie situation.

Plus, this I'm-chilling-in-my-robe with bedhead hair that's somehow still cute moment.

Plot twist: At the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, the teen made a major departure from her signature snowy blonde shade, and showed off a new copper color. Unsurprisingly, the darker shade looks just as cool on her.

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It's a subtle, yet transformative switch-up from her former cool-toned blonde color.

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Los Angeles-based stylist, Clayton Hawkins, is the man behind this new hair color and textured bob.

Though she's held on to her light blonde for a long time, it seems like she's just as into being a brunette. "I had long, dark brown hair during my first audition and was really just living my best life," she told Byrdie in a past interview. "I've always been blond, so it was like, 'I'm free from the blond hair!'

She's back to living her best life.

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And it wouldn't be right not to acknowledge the silver disco eye moment. A vibe.

Shipka's best years of even more amazing hair changes are yet to come. She's just getting started!

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