Kim Kardashian's New Bob Haircut Is the Perfect Combo of Light, Airy, and Gorgeous

On Snapchat and Instagram, Kim Kardashian is rocking a goooorgeous blunt new bob look, and she's been out and about with it for the past day or two—so it might be a big changeup for the extension-loving star. And I, for one, absolutely love it. 

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On Snapchat and Instagram, Kim Kardashian was fooling around with the "baby" filter yesterday (she looks just like daughter Chicago, but I'll get to that in a sec). Fans spotted that she's rocking a goooorgeous blunt new bob look, and she's been out and about with it for the past day or two—so it might be a big changeup for the star. And I, for one, absolutely love it.

Kim obviously totally digs her extensions, wigs, and other fun hair changes, but the bob feels like it's a simple and low-maintenance cut—making things a bit easy breezy now that the weather's heating up. It's still long enough to wear up if she wants, but short enough to be a fabulous summer 'do. It's also possible that THIS hair could be a wig, but I think it might actually be her real hair—TBD. I appear to be the only person on Earth who actually grows her hair out in the summer, but that's a whole other situation.

Late last night, though, Kim posted an Instagram photo that doesn't show off the new cut—and she hasn't put the change-up on her feed yet, though, so I hope she isn't second-guessing herself. She captioned the photo "Date Night Glam" and is wearing her more traditional long, mermaidy extensions. Now, it's not totally clear if the picture is from last night or if Kim is just posting it now (the latter would make sense).

Here are stills from her Stories and Snapchat:

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

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Kim-as-baby pretending to be Chicago. She really DOES look so much like her daughter, and also this filter scares the crap out of me in general:

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

And Kim-as-guy—the haircut still looking amazing, no matter what crazy filter she has on:

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

Kim, I loooove your bob. Wear it like that more often!

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