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Bella Hadid on What Life Is Like Backstage

The model and face of Dior Makeup explains why she never stops working.

Alberta Ferretti - Backstage: Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20
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Backstage at shows seems hectic—and it is—but it gives me time to find my zen too. I like to find a good space in the corner to listen to music and drink tea, and I get to be with my friends in the industry. In the beginning, when I was getting started in modeling, we were just all getting to know each other—models, makeup artists, hairstylists—but we’ve all been working together for years now, so we’re like a family. Fashion Week is the best because we don’t usually see each other throughout the rest of the year, then during shows we get to see the same people for at least a month, so it’s exciting for us. It also depends on what time of Fashion Week we’re talking about. In the beginning it’s all cute and fun, but by the end it gets a little intense running from show to show.

BACKSTAGE Glow Face Palette
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I’m really never not working, so I don’t think downtime is a part of my life anymore. I’ve grown to understand everything in my life is fast-paced and that slowing things down kind of stresses me out. If I have any spare time, I’m saying, Where are all my jobs? Then I have to tell myself to calm down because it’s been only a day and a half. I actually fell asleep in the makeup chair once while [Dior makeup artist] Peter Philips was doing my makeup. I woke up with stars, stripes, and big eyeliner all over my face.

Peter and I mostly work together on editorial campaigns, which means wearing a lot of makeup, but he’s also taught me how to look beautiful without putting too much on my face. I don’t even think I owned an eyebrow pencil when I started. I’ve brought his tricks into my everyday routine, mostly how to sculpt my face by accentuating little features. It’s pretty simple: just a good contour and a little rosy blush. It takes a lot for me to even put on mascara. My night look is pretty similar, but I may add a touch of gold highlighter.

I rarely go out anymore if it’s not for work. That means it’s usually me getting my glam done at my house before an event, and then my best friends will come listen to music and hang out. My house is usually the meet-up palace: Everyone’s going through my closet, and a makeup assistant is doing their makeup so everyone looks and feels beautiful. Then we just disperse from there, wherever we want to go.

This story appears in the September 2019 issue of Marie Claire.


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