Kim Kardashian Dyed Her Hair Chocolate Brown, and It's Perfect for Fall

To reflect the changing seasons, Kim Kardashian and hairstylist Chris Appleton are experimenting with her hair. This chocolate, caramel brown color is gorgeous and subdued.

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Kim Kardashian, constant hair chameleon, has switched it up on us again, this time giving us the perfect mellow brunette color to emulate for fall. Kardashian's actual hair length is still a bob, so this is likely extensions or a wig, but it's still gorgeous—it's got an ombre feel to it and almost looks like a painted-on balayage to me.

Her hairstylist Chris Appleton captioned the photo, "Autumn hair color Cool Chocolate brown 🍂." He didn't specify the formula or the details, but it didn't stop fans from absolutely obsessing over the look in the comments. Judging by the responses, this might be Kardashian's most popular style in a while. 

Here's the post:

Recently, Kardashian's hair was the shortest it had EVER been, and then she immediately requested long extensions (lol). "#RIPbob," wrote Appleton.

Before that, she got chunky '90s highlights that I kind of immediately fell in love with.

So, with that in mind, I quite like the new look! It doesn't feel quite as over the top as some of her other styles, while still being the long and healthy look that she seems to love. I hope she keeps it—but, knowing Kardashian and her love of change, it won't be long before she moves on to the next thing.

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