Jorja Smith Divulges Her Beauty Routine

The singer (and skin goddess) has spoken.

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R&B songstress Jorja Smith's latest album, Lost & Found, will undoubtedly have you in your feels, but she exudes even more of an alluring energy in-person. A vibe that's hard to put your finger on. Part of the mystique is her sultry voice and intimate lyrics. But I'm drawn to her ever-glowing complexion. So was Dior. In 2019, the British artist (who at just 22, has already collaborated with Drake and Kali Uchis) was named a global makeup ambassador for the brand.

In Paris, I caught up with Smith, and here's what she had to say about fragrance, face masks, diversity in the beauty industry, and more.

She Prefers Sexy Smells

"With fragrances, I like to smell sexy. At night, I like oud, dark, woody, sexy smells because I feel like it suits me. I have day perfumes, too. Like Dior Hypnotic Poison ($62), which is my favorite. It’s sweet and very vanilla-ey—it's quite a soft smell."

Her Mom Introduced Her to Fragrance

"I would go into my mom's room and sneak her scents. I'd also wear little cheap Charlie sprays from the drugstore Boots when I was younger. Those definitely aren't the same kind of fragrances I wear now."

Confidence Is How She Defines Beauty

"I feel the most beautiful when I'm feeling confident about myself. If I’m not feeling my absolute best, I like to workout because going to the gym, running, and spending time with myself always makes me feel better. If I see my friends, they always make me feel good about myself. Beauty is an inside-out job, you have to feel good on the inside first."

Her Self-Care Secrets: Yoga and Face Masks

"I love hot yoga because I like having steam. Steam is good for my skin because it gives me a really nice glow. And I like face masks, especially when I’m going on a plane because my skin gets really dry. I stick with clay and hydrating masks."

These Are Her On-Stage Makeup Staples

"When I'm performing, I love a bold lip. If I've got nothing on my face, I’ll wear something on my lips. My favorite nude is a pinky-brown color. Dior Addict Lip Glow ($34) makes my perfect nude—it’s really lovely. It’s like my lip color, but better with a nice shine. It looks different on everyone and enhances my natural lip color. I also love the Dior Backstage Face Palette ($45) and the Dior Forever Foundation ($52). The foundation is a bit matte and I like looking glowy, but if I want to tone down the glow I use this.

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When She's Chilling, She'd Rather Not Wear Makeup

"I'll go bare-faced and wear just a lip. If I don’t need to be anywhere or have my picture taken I’d rather not mess with my face and let my skin breathe."

This Is How She Gets Her Glow

"My mom has really good skin so it’s partly genes. But I exfoliate every day, drink lots of water, and work out, which gives my skin a natural glow. I also use natural skincare products and don't change my skincare routine too often because it causes reactions. I love Elemis' Superfood line for my skincare, it's really good."

She Wants More Diversity in Beauty

"There needs to be more diversity on the runways and in magazines so there’s more people who look like normal people. Wait, that's the wrong word: just people. There's lots of different types of people. You should be able to open a magazine and see someone who looks like you. Everyone should embrace being themselves. When I moved to London and met women from all walks of life, I learned I can't be anything else but me. Embrace you."

She Wants You to Stop Comparing Yourself

"Don't spend too much time on social media looking at other people. Don’t compare yourself to people online because it's not real anyway. You just gotta figure out how to be happy with yourself. It’s easier said than done, but finding that happiness within yourself and realizing that everything’s actually okay is the most important."

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