Loren Gray Shares Her Skincare Routine for Hormonal Acne

The 18-year-old talks beauty in the latest episode of Masked and Answered.

Singer and social media star Loren Gray is here to face mask and chill with you. If you like to mask while listening to music, turn on Gray's new songs, "Cake" and "Alone," to set the vibe. In this video, she's trying out GlamGlow's GravityMud Firming Treatment mask ($59) for the first time. "Hopefully this does something for my skin because I've been breaking out, obviously I'm 18. I'm a kid, hormones, ya know?" Her first impression: It smells really good.

And if she wasn't filming, she'd definitely be masking in her hot tub. "It feels really nice, like a DIY spa," she says. "I'm grateful that my house has a hot tub and I take full advantage of that." Her morning skincare is fairly simple. To wake up her face, she cleanses with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($38). "That's all I really do in the morning because I end up putting moisturizer on before I do my makeup," Gray adds, who deals with dry skin and eczema, so she's constantly moisturizing. She also has hormonal acne which is hard for her to get rid of. As a solution, she uses spot treatments. And to unwind? She loves massaging her face with a jade roller.

Fun fact: When she's getting ready, she doesn't listen to music, she watches TV instead. Her favorite show at the moment to watch while doing her makeup is is Lifetime's Marrying Millions, which she highly recommends. Speaking of, makeup is her thing. "I'm definitely a makeup person, even if my hair looks awful," she admits. "I've been doing my own makeup since I was 13. It's my favorite part of anything beauty-related. Because I love painting, I love that I can paint on my face. It's like art for your face.

I mean, look at this art:

Working out at home has been a big part of her quarantine. "I love running, going on a hike, and eating healthy," she says. "I do cheat...a lot...but I try to eat the best I can while still being human." Her Rapid fire round of beauty faves include: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream Moisturizer ($60), any SPF 50 she can find, Fenty Lip Gloss ($19), and Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation ($42). "My skin definitely feels a lot tighter," Gray says sharing her final thoughts post-mask. "It was really hard to take off but we're here now and we made it."

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