Patrick Starrr Wants Us to Embrace Vulnerability and Fragrance-Mixing

The YouTube star, beauty guru, and founder of ONE/SIZE walks us through his daily routine.

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Patrick Starrr, the YouTube sensation known for proudly championing inclusivity and diversity on his popular channel, is showing off his beauty skills in a whole new way. Through his new makeup brand ONE/SIZE (which just launched exclusively at Sephora) Starrr wants to emphasize that beauty is for everyone. Here, he shares 24 hours in his diva-soundtracked world.

Rise And Shine

I sleep about five to six hours. I wake up around 7:00 or 7:30 and I'll check my texts and my missed calls, because my parents are in Orlando and I live in Los Angeles. They're pretty much my alarm clock. Then I check Instagram and Twitter and then TikTok. That's literally my order of operations.

Morning Maintenance

I wear a turban, so I save a lot of time because I don't have hair and if I do, it's a wig and I secure it on with a hat. But for my makeup and skincare, I'll spend about an hour or hour and a half, blasting Britney Spears and all my divas—J.Lo, Rihanna, Mariah Carey. I love my Tatcha Cleansing Oil, morning and night. And if I have any [mascara] residue, Go Off Makeup Wipes are a must have for me.

Signature Look

If it's a Zoom call, I will just take a little bit of my Pat McGrath foundation and rub it in my hands and pat it on the skin. Then I'll add a little Benefit bronzer, mascara by Fenty, lip balm by Fresh, a MAC blush and a little bit of ONE/SIZE Point Made 24-Hour Liquid Eyeliner Pen. It's my go-to.

ONE/SIZE has a beautiful eye shadow palette. The Visionary Palette is 15 beautiful eye shadows. Nine that shimmer and it's a beautiful all day, everyday palette that's truly one size for everybody. There's a beautiful black shade called Turban Legend. We have three eyeliners. The liner is what we're calling drag proof. It is matte black and does not smudge or bleed if you're in water. And it seals your false lashes perfectly and discreetly along your lash line. It's what I use it for being a full glam lover. Then, the last part of the collection is Eye Popper liquid sparkle shadows. Sparkle vision. They're one-swipe wonders to me.

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Self-Care Ritual

I just got a new Alexa for my bathroom. It's just nice to power to music in the morning. It's something that really gets me going. It's either Britney, Oops!… I Did it Again or We Found Love [by Rihanna] while I'm in the shower.

Fragrance Hack

I'm am a fragrance mixer. I don't know if it's a rule breaker but I mix to get just my big signature. I love Maison Margiela Replica Flower Market or Lazy Sunday Morning. I also love Daisy by Marc Jacobs and the body spray by Sol de Janeiro. It's most beautiful when I'm out for a walk. It just gives me that yummy vibe.

Worth It

My Skin Better eye cream is so good.


EOS lip balm is something that I can find anywhere and I have to have it in my bag. Also, Visine eyedrops—I have, like, 20 bottles just laying in the car, in each of my bags, in my closet, in my beauty kit.

Career Advice

It's truly amazing that vulnerability has gotten me thus far. People are so scared to show who they are and what they get for it. But in terms of 2020 and what's going on right now, vulnerability is one side, kindness is one side, and we can all afford to be a little bit more kind and vulnerable.

Night-Out Routine

I love to get glammed. I always take forever to get out the door. I will pick my outfit first just so I can match my makeup to it. I always look to play with my makeup in different ways, different products. Then I'm stuck with trying to find an outfit, shoes and a bag to match my face.

Evening Wind-Down

I will undress, throw on my robe from Target, put on my turban, and spray my Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist. It feels like nothing going on but you'll instantly see your makeup breaking down and it doesn't drip so your wipe can just glide on. Then I proceed with my skincare.

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Lights Out

My sleep routine is just catching up on messages from fans and Twitter. I like just knowing that I did something good in the day and that people heard me or that I heard them. I like to leave little comments of fans that have messaged me.

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