Fans Are Convinced Ariana Grande’s “Pickin Petals” Lip Oil Is a Tribute to Mac Miller

The evidence is convincing.

ariana grande and mac miller
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The Arianators are going a bit wild this month. Why? Well thanks to some detective work by TikTok user Kaylie Vazquez, fans are convinced that Ariana Grande gave a subtle tribute to late ex boyfriend Mac Miller with one of her r.e.m. beauty lip oils. The shade in question is “Pickin Petals,” a sheer peachy pink that launched as part of the brand’s chapter three drop. For those that haven’t put two and two together just yet, allow us to break it down. 

Miller, who passed away in 2018, and Grande produced a single called “The Way” in March 2013. (The pair weren’t romantically linked until 2016. They dated for two years.) In the song, Miller sings: “Say, I’m thinking ‘bout her every second, every hour. Do my singing in the shower. Picking petals off the flowers like, ‘Does she love me, do she love me not?’” Pretty convincing stuff, right? 


♬ the way - favsoundds

Naturally, the comments on Vazquez’ TikTok, which has a grand total of 159,000 views, were out of control. “I didn’t need to cry at 5:30 in the afternoon but, here we are,” one person wrote, while another said, “Omg I never even noticed this now I need.” Other users pointed out that Miller’s favorite song from the Sweetener album was R.E.M. The good news: “Pickin Petals” is still in stock. 

Or, if you want to take the line’s newest drop for a test run, add the Sweetener Concealer, which just dropped at Ulta, to your cart. “The R.E.M. team and I have been working on this launch for so long. I actually wore the concealer in secret throughout the filming of The Voice," Grande exclusively told Marie Claire earlier this week. "I can’t wait for everyone to be able to visit Ulta Beauty to try this incredible skincare-infused formula for themselves!" 

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