Cardi B's Manicure Is Sharp Enough to Pierce an Olive

Her love for the dirty martini nail trend has reached new heights.

Cardi B Olive Manicure
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Do you remember last year's dirty martini manicure trend? For most people, it meant trying out an olive green polish with maybe a little red detailing. (Like a good dirty martini, there are only a few ingredients necessary here.)

But Cardi B isn't most people.

On Friday, December 22, the "Bongos" singer took to her Instagram stories to share her own take on the trend. Instead of opting for olive green polish, she took the pimento red route with her nails—the same color she's been rocking for most of the holiday season. For the shape, she chose her signature sharper-and-longer-than-anything-ever stilettos.

"But where does the olive come in?" you ask. Well, I'll gladly tell you. Cardi simply took an actual, real life, edible olive and pierced it with her pimento talon.

Cardi B Olive Manicure

(Image credit: @iamcardib on Instagram)

"A snack," the singer captioned the post. While Cardi didn't offer a follow up to her ingenious hors d'oeuvres hack, I can only assume she ate the olive and then pierced a couple more (you could probably fit two on there).

Honestly, cocktail picks are a hot commodity this time of year. Why not use what you already have around? In the photo, you can even see a bit of the actual pimento filling sticking out—I will say it matches her polish quite well.

While there were no olives present, the Grammy winner first showed off the red manicure while headlining TikTok's inaugural live event "In the Mix" earlier this month. As almost two weeks have passed since then, she must've gone in for a fill. Her cuticles look perfect.

Olive you so much, Cardi. And your manicurist does, too.

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