The 28 Best Curling Iron Deals From Amazon's Early Access Prime Day Sale

CHI, Conair, and DryBar are offering insane discounts.

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If you missed your chance to buy some big ticket items on the OG Amazon Prime Day, I have good news. The Amazon gods decided to grace us with a first-of-its-kind Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, where brands are offering the same wild discounts and crazy bargains. While there are some phenomenal blow dryer sales and dozens of slashed prices on kitchen devices, I’ve decided to take this very welcome opportunity to restock my curling iron collection. With new technology, a wide variety of barrel sizes, and wavers that are objectively easy to use, there are so many enticing options out there in the Amazon beauty-sphere.

Because I have a moderate online shopping addiction, I’ve already done the Internet scouring. Here, I’ve rounded up the best Amazon Early Access curling iron deals, sales, and discounts. Whether you’re in the market for a shiny new DryBar curler or want to test drive the TikTok-viral CHI hair spinner, you’re in luck. Everything you need to guide your shopping escapades, ahead. 


Say CHI and my mind immediately goes to the classic black straightening iron. It has stood the test of time and served me well. But the brand dominates when it comes to all kinds of tools. Most recently, they’ve gained some well deserved hype for their Spin N Curl, which is essentially a curling iron for dummies. The 20 percent off tool takes out all of the guesswork—you just feed in a strand of hair and let the technology take over. If that doesn't float your boat, fear not; they have more classic curlers, too. 

Hot Tools

Celebrity stylists love Hot Tools. It’s a fact—no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you want to give your curling iron collection a professional-grade refresh, now’s the time. The brand is offering up to 30 percent off during Amazon’s Early Access Sale. There’s so many different barrel sizes to choose from too. Grab a two-inch barrel for bigger, beachy waves or an itty-bitty barrel to achieve a ringlet look. 


I’m a big time T3 fan. Why are they my favorite, you ask? Each iron has a ceramic makeup and is designed to prevent pulling, tugging, and damage. While there are so many sizes to choose from, I highly, highly, highly recommend scooping up the interchangeable set. You’re essentially getting three different curling irons for a fraction of the price. 


Not only will the yellow accents on these tools instantly brighten up your bathroom on gloomy Fall days, but these DryBar tools also guarantee a damn good hair day. All of their curling irons have a special ionic technology that reduces frizz, adds shine, and locks in a long-lasting curl. 

BaByliss Pro

Calling all my long hair girls! You’re not going to want to let this BaByliss Pro sale pass you by. A handful of curling irons from the brand feature extra-long barrels that make getting a uniform wave so much simpler. The one-inch option is currently at a crazy low price, so act fast. While it will give you a tighter, spiral curl if you hold it for 10 seconds, looser options aren’t out of the question. Just release the hair after three-ish seconds. 


Conair has made their affordable hot tools even *more* affordable for Amazon’s Early Access Sale. If you’re not sure what to get, allow me to recommend the Cool Air Styler. It’s an untraditional curler, but rest assured it gives the most perfect waves. The unique bend of the barrels lets you create an effortless waves in the hair—sans heat damage. Of course, they also offer barrel wavers, traditional curling irons, and cordless auto curlers. 


These curling irons have a handful of enticing features that include, but are no means limited to, automatic shut off, 30-second heat up, and a triple ceramic makeup to prevent damage. One of the biggest pros in my book is the very convenient thumb rest—it makes the unraveling process much smoother. Plus, the brand offers curling irons and wands in every color combination and width. 


My personal favorite feature on all WavyTalk hair appliances is the fact that every hot tool come with an accompanying heat glove. You'll be able to curl every end—without burning yourself. Currently, I have my eye on the bubble wand (it's amazing for short hair) and the crimper, which makes beach waves so easy. 


This Amazon-loved brand is running some wild discounts for Prime Day. But don't mistake the too-good-to-be-true price tag with a subpar product. Every L'ange hair tool delivers major results. Whether you plan on scooping up the two-in-one straightening iron and curling wand (see below) or want to take the titanium curling wand, you'll be thrilled with the results. 


With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, you can be confident that Hoson is a highly-effective, worthwhile investment. The biggest plus? The brand makes a handful of tools with extra long barrels, which are pretty hard to come by. The brand also features temperature control. While you can go up to 450, we don't recommend exceeding 400 degrees. 


Part of the allure of Amika is the brand's fun packaging. Seriously, you won't find  more colorful (or easy to use) curling iron. Because of the unique design of the clamp, it can be used as a wand, too. And rest assured your curls will last all day long. If you're worried about hold though, spray a bit of dry shampoo ahead of time. It'll add texture and grip. 


I've had my Conair curling iron since middle school—and it's still going strong. These tools stand the test of time. If you're on the hunt for a curler that doesn't break the bank, allow us to direct your attention to this wand. The conical barrels will give a more Shirley Temple-esque curl at the get-go, so just remember to brush out your hair for a more laidback look. 


If you struggle to get a consistent curl, try a curling iron from Lanvier. Their tourmaline ceramic makeup ensures that the heat is consistent. The result? A shiny, smooth curl. 


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