This International Perfume Brand Overhauled My Fragrance Wardrobe

Fragrance Du Bois just landed stateside, and is coming soon to Neiman Marcus.

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The Promise

Fragrance Du Bois isn’t a new brand—but it is new to the United States. As of this month, the luxury fragrance house, which was previously only available abroad, is rolling out exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

The label's fragrance development approach stands out even in a sea of notable scents: Rather than having one key nose or home base, Fragrance Du Bois seeks out a range of global talent. The luxury company works with perfumers from all over the world to create a unique range of fragrances. Once a partner is chosen, they’re given complete carte blanche to create a scent—without any budgetary parameters. The result has been 29 independent perfumes across fragrance families, spanning florals, citrus, and spicy scents, most with an underlying base of oud. Every fragrance in the bunch is unisex and funneled into an exquisite jar embossed with Swarovski crystals. 

This month, I dipped my toe into Fragrance Du Bois with a sampler set (which I highly recommend to experience the full spectrum of scents). Find my honest thoughts on the brand—and my vote for the best perfume from the bunch—below. 

Why I’m Obsessed

I’m a creature of habit with my fragrance collection. Currently, I have three perfumes that I rotate between on the regular. Then, there are a handful of rouge scents that I’ll pick up when I’m feeling extra experimental: a lavender Le Labo fragrance for a perfect spring day, a moodier option for nights out with friends, and a deep vanilla blend that stays put at my desk in case of emergency. Despite an appreciation for the best new perfumes of 2024, my tight edit of personal fragrances has remained set in stone for well over a year—until I came across Fragrance Du Bois. 

Fragrance Du Bois

The Coffret de Voyage contains three 7.5 mL perfumes: For Lovers, Secret Tryst, and Cavort, along with a gold carrier case.

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When I was first introduced to the brand, I was tasked with picking out a single scent to test. Long story short, I found it impossible to select just one, so I settled on The Coffret de Voyage set, which contains three 7.5 mL perfumes: For Lovers, Secret Tryst, and my favorite, Cavort. The trio is accompanied by an opulent gold container perfectly fitted for the travel size perfume. 

I started off my Fragrance Du Bois testing by spritzing a small bit of each scent onto the cardboard box. Lovers, which is a fruity-floral-woody blend, is incredibly sensual and sexy without feeling stuffy. It’s soft, nuanced, and constantly evolving, making it (very appropriately) the perfect date night scent. Next came Secret Tryst, naturally a mysterious scent. While unisex by design, it leans more masculine with woody notes like cedarwood coming to the forefront and dominating the spicier saffron. 

fragrance du bois

Every Fragrance Du Bois Eau de Parfum comes packaged in a gorgeous gold bottle with a Swarovski crystal-embellished lid.

(Image credit: Fragrance Du Bois)

Then, I smelled my new staple scent: Cavort. It’s a mix of florals (which I’m typically not a fan of) and woodsy notes, with a hint of cinnamon. Combining these three is not unheard of, but the end result is truly something new to market because the brand emphasizes exquisitely sourced ingredients. The fragrance smells creamy rather than crisp; its aura is sophisticated without being stiff. It can lean more feminine or intense, depending on how it interacts with your skin. 

Fragrance Du Bois

The fragrance comes in a black box with a red velvet interior.

(Image credit: Fragrance Du Bois)

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a strong scent—one or two spritzes is plenty. It’s powerful enough to be smelled by anyone in my immediate circle, but not too overwhelming that the scent enters the room before I do. The staying power is unbelievable, remaining just as potent at 9 a.m. as it does at 9 p.m. In fact, even my clothing has started to adopt the warm and inviting scent.  

Cavort has been my go-to this winter, with Secret Tryst and Lovers making guest appearances. I can honestly say: It’s the biggest switch up my fragrance wardrobe has ever undergone—and I can’t wait to smell what the rest of the brand has to offer.

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