The 21 Best Hair Dryers for a Professional-Looking Blowout

Salon-worthy results, but at home.

hair dryers
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In a perfect world, we could all get a blowout from a pro on a daily basis. But who has the time (or budget) for that? Fortunately, there are a ton of hair tools, from blow dryers to straightening brushes to hot brushes, that give you a salon-worthy mane from the comfort of your home—and we've scoured the market to bring you the best of the best. From the most sought-after luxury devices to the high-performance, budget-friendly options, our curated list is here to address every texture and hair care need. Ahead, the state-of-the-art hair dryers designed to tame frizz and add volume to listless, post-shower hair, all in record time.

Chelsea Hall

Chelsea Hall is the Assistant Fashion and Beauty Editor at Marie Claire, where she covers celebrity style, fashion trends, skincare, makeup and anything else tied into the world of fashion and beauty